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Podcast Fandom Episode 83: The Following S2E13 ‘The Reaping’

Claire’s big plan is to let Joe know she’s alive so that they can draw him out. We all knew that this stupid non-plan was her “plan” all along and we’re still not impressed. Despite everyone, including Carrie, thinking this is an insane idea, step one is initiated when Claire talks Carrie into delivering a cryptic message to Joe on live TV. Joe sees this, conveniently, after admitting to Ryan that Claire was his “one true regret.”

That’s not a typo. Joe finally comes face-to-face with Ryan after Ryan infiltrates Korban and then allows himself to be captured. While tied to a chair, Ryan watches as Joe forces Preston Tanner to murder a Korban dissenter as the whole thing is recorded.

Lily and her team of mercenaries traced Joe’s call to her and show up at Korban. The FBI are right behind them, though. As Joe and his crew get away, Lily’s mercenaries are nice enough to take care of the straggling Korbanites for Ryan. He repays them by shooting them.

The Following S2E13

The best part of the episode is what happens when Mike races off with Lily, the woman who slit his father’s throat. Have a listen to this week’s The Following podcast as we try to make sense of it all.

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