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Preacher – S1E8 – El Valero

Previously on Preacher, “He Gone”

Preacher – S1E8 – El Valero | Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Joseph Gilgun, W. Earl Brown, Lucy Griffiths, Ian Colletti, Anatol Yusef, Tom Brooke | Writer: Sam Catlin | Director: Kate Dennis

This week, the story behind Quincannon’s absence of faith is revealed in a flashback. His entire family died in a tragic ski accident. Covered in their intestines and the intestines of a slaughtered cow, and unable to tell the difference between them, he demands that Jesse’s father denounce God in church that coming Sunday. Of course, the senior Custer refuses. Ever since then Quincannon has only recognized one god: The God of Meat, which is why Jesse’s command had no effect on him.

Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

In present day, Quincannon’s first assault on the church only serves to supply Jesse with more weapons as he sends several of the Meat Men back to their boss with their tails between their legs and a few of their bones broken. Undeterred, Quincannon launches more attacks (with the promise of a new food court for the meat and power plant), but they can’t take the church from the broken preacher and poor Clive loses his penis to Jesse’s excellent aim.

It says a lot that Jesse won’t use Genesis and the bullhorn that he has at his disposal to get out of this predicament. Instead, he relies on the one thing he’s good at: fucking shit up.

Preacher S1E8 - Jesse at Window

Inside, Jesse makes deals with God to secure Eugene’s return. It appears to work when Eugene comes clawing his way out of the floorboards, dirty, thirsty, and oddly forgiving. However, this is just a manifestation of his guilt. Too bad Jesse already called the sheriff to let him know his son was found. However, the sheriff being on hand means he knows exactly what Jesse wants when he demands to speak to “the agents.”

Enter Fiore and Deblanc with I Told You Sos and their coffee can. They agree to help get Eugene back if Jesse will willingly give up Genesis. The cosmic baby is lulled into his coffee can, but promptly breaks free and returns to Jesse when its custodians attempt to go back on their deal. With their charge still lost, the angels leave with talk of resorting to “the other thing.”

Miles has firmly chosen his side. As if covering up a quadruple murder wasn’t enough, he lets his jealously over Emily’s feelings for Jesse cause him to feed her child spoiled milk and try to convince her that Jesse losing the church is a good thing as it will help their failing community. Also, for good measure, he reminds her that Jesse’s a criminal who just shot a man’s dick off.

Preacher S1E8 - Miles and Emily

The standoff soon becomes a true Texas sideshow as the community gathers outside the church with folding chairs, beers, and, of course, grilled meats. It only comes to an end when Donnie sacrifices his eardrums to get the drop on Jesse and sits him down before Quincannon. Before he’s carried off to jail, Jesse asks for one more chance to bring God to the community.

“El Valero” was light on Tulip, who spent her time adopting and grooming a dog, only to feed it to Cassidy to help him heal.

Will Jesse succeed in saving Annville? Does the angel’s other option involve another chainsaw? And what’s up with that mysterious control room? Maybe we’ll find out in “Finish the Song” on Sunday, July 24th on AMC.

Preacher S1E8 = 8.3/10
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