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Pretty Little Liars – ‘Grave New World’

So, this will be a short review.  I don’t know what I should say if I’m being completely honest. Comparing this year’s special to past ones, you will understand why I had to rewind a couple of times seeing as my focus drifted off to something else. And that never happens when I’m watching this show. I’ll tell you one thing: Those who did not watch this episode were not missing anything of importance.


Grave New World” was focusing more on setting up the new series Ravenswood, which premiered right after Pretty Little Liars, than focusing on the girls. The episode was a complete letdown. I was hoping for some more insight into Ezra’s involvement with Alison and if the girls would catch on to Ezra appearing at the most random places. Instead, the focus was on Caleb and Miranda. They bonded over being abandoned by their parents and bounced around the system. Miranda was in the mood for some corn chips and they discovered that they are pretty much dead people walking. No, I’m serious. I haven’t been watching too much of The Walking Dead. I’m guessing this is the curse that has fallen upon Ravenswood.


The girls discovered a passageway that led to a mansion and then they followed after a recording of Alison’s voice. Even with the “shocking reveal” of actually seeing Alison pull off that ridiculous red coat, I was not impressed. This has been something they have been hinting towards for awhile now; therefore, it would have been amazing if we got SOME shocking cliffhanger. Like if Ezra actually got ahold of Alison. However, from what I can see, Alison doesn’t even know who is after her. Otherwise, she would have just told Aria that her boyfriend is a psychopath.

From what Marlene King, the executive producer of Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood, has said, the next season will most definitely unravel the story and give it closure. Majority of the answers that we were hoping for this episode will be in the next season. Let’s hope she isn’t just pulling our legs.

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