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Pretty Little Liars – S4E10 – The Mirror Has Three Faces

Previously, on Pretty Little Liars: “Into the Deep

Of course, as everyone knows, you should not trust anyone when you live in Rosewood. Even if he is a doctor with a charming British accent, he is more sinister than you imagined. This episode showed the true side of the most loved doctor of Rosewood, Wren, who played Mrs. Hastings and then got her kicked off Ashley’s case. In addition: he spied on Hanna and Caleb, had a weird conversation with Hanna in The Brew, and was on the phone multiple times with some mysterious woman. Just like ‘A’ has had something on someone who was working with her, it wouldn’t be a long shot to say the same about Wren. I wonder if Wren’s creepy return to the Liars’ lives may cause even more trouble later episodes in.

Pretty Little Liars | Smiling

Meanwhile, Hanna is obviously not happy when Mrs. Hastings is accused of forcing Mona into confessing to Wilden’s murder and can no longer be her mom’s lawyer. Without a lawyer — and everyone questioning Mona’s confession — it looks like Ashley Marin may end up back in jail. However, Hanna has other plans which involved talking to Mona. Here enters the number one, and only, voice of reason on this show: Caleb. Worried that ‘A’ is digging these girls into a bigger hole than ever before, Caleb has the brilliant idea to tell Mrs. Hastings about ‘A’. Finally, someone is doing what I’ve been screaming to my television since the second season.

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A huge plot twist that I would have never been able to form myself has been in the forecast for this episode. Ezra, you are NOT the father. In the previous episode, Ezra had to get a paternity test to gain full custody of Malcolm and, even though I saw this coming, it was a heartbreaking scene to see. This revelation caused Ezra to call Aria to break the news, but she did not even take his call because she was on an adorable date with Jake. I love how this isn’t something that brings Ezra and Aria back together. I’m starting to like Jake and Aria; however, we all know Ezra and Aria belong together.

Emily was forced to stay in Alison’s bedroom which was practically a shrine to the girl. To Emily, it is an uncomfortable and creepy thought, but the other girls don’t think so. However, this did yield some secrets from Allison’s past, including her relationship with Cece. It seems as though Cece and Alison were a pair of abnormal frenemies who would trade places. CeCe Drake, pretending to be Ali, committed herself into Radley once. But was she the mysterious blonde messing with Toby’s mother? The power duo, Spencer and Toby, visited Marion’s doctor in hopes that he’ll be able to confirm this, but he can’t do so — only that a Mrs. DiLaurentis visited Radley once. If you’re even a little bit confused at this point, don’t worry. We all are.

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