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Pretty Little Liars – S4E11 – Bring Down the Hoe

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘The Mirror Has Three Faces’

Is Cece Red Coat or is she just working with someone else? She may be in possession of the infamous red coat and dated Wilden in the past, all things that hint towards her being behind everything; however, all things on this show have never been just given to the fans. There is always something else that describes someone’s suspicious behavior. We did get more things answered than usual, though.

Last episode, Emily made a shocking discovery of a crawl space under Alison’s bedroom in the DiLaurentis’ household. They have a feeling that it may be where Red Coat was hiding due to the items found. Spencer, Aria, and Emily agree to go check it out while Hanna goes shopping with Ms. DiLaurentis and things turn for the worse when ‘A’ lets the girls know she’s on to them by stabbing the holes in the ceiling with a knitting needle. I’m sure it’s frustrating knowing ‘A’ will always be two steps ahead.


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 Speaking of frustration, Hanna is over her situation knowing that those who are trying to defend Ashley don’t really care. To make matters worse, she has a stalker who pulls an Edward Cullen and watches her from afar. When confronting him, he informs her that he knows her mother is innocent. He was called to pick up Wilden’s truck at the lake and when arriving, he saw Ashley talking to him. However, he was still alive when she left. Someone else killed Wilden and from what he knows, it was a female with blonde hair. He was paid to keep quiet, but with much persuasion, he finally does. Hopefully, this actually ends everything because I’m tired of Ashley getting the worst out of everyone.

Tony is so caught up in figuring out what happened to his mother that he is forgetting he’s getting his information from their worst enemy. He won’t listen to Spencer to drop everything after he gets more “gifts” from ‘A’ requesting him to go to a location for more information. He decides to go there despite Spencer’s warning. Of course, here enters Caleb, who these people need to listen to more often. He convinces Toby to leave it right when the police show up, lights blazing.

Pretty Little Liars S4E11

Emily has a flashback that reveals a guy had pulled a gun on Alison when she tried to break up with him for her friend. She doesn’t name who, but he did go to Rosewood. Emily seems to think that it was CeCe Drake who asked for Alison help. If that’s the case, then it wasn’t Alison that Wilden was seeing, it was CeCe. This also explains why she may have killed him: that is, if she is the blonde who was running in the woods. Emily’s storyline also collided with Ezira (Ezra/Aria).

After a tense conversation with Ezra, Emily got Aria to finally talk to Ezra. She had thought he was giving her the puppy dog eyes because Aria was finally moving on with Jake, who, by the way, is a great dancer. However, she finally discovers that Ezra is losing his son… who wasn’t even really his son. Unbeknownst to them, CeCe is just outside the door listening to their heart to heart.

We got a little more answers than usual; however, I hope we actually find out much more in the next week’s season finale.

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