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Pretty Little Liars – S4E12 – Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Previously, on Pretty Little Liars: “Bring Down the Hoe

It has been so long since I’ve seen an episode of Pretty Little Liars that had me on the edge of my seat and screaming “noo” to my television screen. This episode was surely one that will be talked about for a while; not only is the surprise at the end shocking, but the episode itself was amazing.

Pretty Little Liars | Three girls

This week’s episode was a night of huge reveals because Rosewood is full of twists and turns.

For one, Ali is alive! She has popped up a few times over the course of the show, but the majority of those times could easily pass off as delusions for one reason or another. The night she disappeared, Creepy Little Grunwald found Ali buried alive, saved her and the teen has been in hiding. Using her “special insight”, Grunwald could tell that Alison was afraid of someone who has been threatening her. Maybe the creepy older guy she was dating? Could it be Ezra?

Pretty Little Liars | Guy

Maybe so! Ezra was shown as being A in our very last scene! After following Red Coat 2 (who everyone seems to be forgetting exists), Spencer found a much more high-tech A-lair – fan photos of Ali on the wall, a very detailed timeline of his victims, as well as access to police and security system information. There have been plenty of clues pointing towards him and I have had friends try and convince me but I wasn’t buying it.

For one, Ezra didn’t back away from Aria after he learned she was a high school student. This could mean that he’s had a history of creeping on younger girls. Being close to Aria also makes it easier to know the girls’ secrets – he has been getting rather close to each one of the girls when it came to advice, etc. He’s also had some shady moments: suddenly appearing on the Halloween Train after Aria was nearly killed. It’s obvious that Ezra is dangerous; he didn’t look happy that his lair was discovered.

This week also revealed that CeCe has also been Red Coat. But the girls saw two of them before saving Emily from being sawed in half. One was in fact CeCe, but who was the other? Maybe Alison? If she is alive, that would explain the girls seeing Alison pull them out of the fire at the lodge in the last episode. Remember when the girls claimed that it seemed like A was trying to hurt and help them at the same time?

Pretty Little Liars | Group

Ezra seems to be the puppet master of the A team, but how are Jenna, Shana and Wren involved? – that is if they are involved. Shana has been staying at Wren’s place, and she leads Toby to Mona. Meanwhile, Wren is having his mail forwarded to Melissa’s place in London. It’s hard to tell what their role in this whole thing is. Can we even believe Melissa when she mentioned that she, Shana, and Jenna was trying to “protect” Spencer and her friends.

Although, it isn’t as shocking as these other revelations, it was Caleb’s last night in Rosewood. He took a bus to Ravenswood to help break into A’s computers. Until, Pretty Little Liars comes back on for good; I recommend giving Ravenswood a try on the 22nd of October. Not only do they have a solid cast, but from what I’ve read and the previews I’ve seen, it looks like it will be pretty good. Hopefully, this spin-off does well. I’m looking forward to it.

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