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Pretty Little Liars – S4E4 – Face Time

Pretty Little Liars

The secrets that the four liars have been keeping since the series has progressed are becoming harder to keep. Pretty Little Liars ‘Face Time’ was showing just that as secrets came out and people began to ask questions. These girls are not fooling anyone; it was only a matter of time before someone began to notice the connections between them and everything that has been going on in Rosewood.

One minor secret revealed deals with Aria and her fetish for teachers. Aria, who has never really been single for more than two episodes, is still trying to get over Ezra. Her new boy toy, Jake, seems to be realizing this also when told about her relationship with him. It looks as though Jake will still be around since Aria asked if she could call him; however, if it is not Ezra who is in Aria’s life, it most likely will not last long.

Emily needs to become better at lying.

Thing never look that good when it comes to Emily. She’s gone through multiple breakups, deaths of girlfriends, being drugged, being drowned, etc. In addition to the possibility that her swimming career is over (Dr. Vargas tells Emily that she has a partial tear in her rotator cuff and that she may never be able to swim again), it seems as though A is going after her entire family. After unsuccessfully trying to get Emily to tell them what actually caused her injury, Emily rolls out. She doesn’t even seem to care that her father is yelling for her to come back. Of course, it makes things worse and someone calls in a domestic disturbance because of that. Hmm, I wonder who would do such a thing.

The disappearance of an old threat creates a new one.

It was only a matter of time before someone caught on to the girl’s crap. Holbrook, the new cop in town, has been watching the girls like a hawk. Not only is he suspicious, but he’s brought in a new partner, Lieutenant Tanner. She seems to be just as suspicious of the girl’s involvement in everything as they keep “attracting so many corpses”. Just as Caleb tells Hanna, the girls only know how to deal with Rosewood’s finest. These are the real deal, so it will be interesting to see how much Holbrook and Tanner will discover and how it will affect the girls.


Pretty Little Liars 2

Mama’s got a secret and it ain’t good

It’s hard to believe that someone who has taken care of you all your life could be a murderer, but the evidence keeps piling up one by one. Hanna confronts her mother about being in town after she discovers that Wilden has kept wads of cash, two passports, and a gun in his safety deposit box. Making matters worse, Ashley was the only one who has seen what has been in this box. As Ashley tries to convince her daughter that everything will be fine, it is obvious she is keeping a dark secret from her daughter. “This will not touch you.” This comment made by Ashley seems to be hinting that she may have possibly killed Wilden; however, another suspect has come about.

Toby’s mission to find answers

With the help from Nancy Drew, Toby is able to find Dr. Louis Palmer. With the intentions to get some answers, it seems as though Palmer has lost his mind as he claims that air was the reasons for Toby’s mother’s death.  I’m sure many viewers were confused, but it seems as though Palmer meant that she couldn’t handle life. She was attacked by her own mind. The weight of the world around her was just too heavy. Toby obviously did not understand this and thought he wasted his time, but Palmer did drop a hint to Toby that made sense. “Tell her to stay away from that girl.” When asked what girl, Dr. Palmer says the blonde one. I’m sure many viewers thought of Alison.

Melissa Hastings to the rescue

The rivalry and favoritism that has always been shown with the Hastings family is back as Spencer tells her mother she did not get into UPenn. Mrs. Hastings is obviously confused by this seeing as how everyone in the family has gone to UPenn and tries to convince Spencer to let Melissa help. But Spencer’s distrust with Melissa is showing brightly the entire time and goes to the extreme when Spencer sets Melissa up.

Planting the Melissa mask into her suitcase and putting it where Melissa can see it, Spencer and Aria are outside the house watching and recording Melissa’s every move as she sees the mask. The entire time I was waiting for Melissa to look up and see these girls standing just outside the window. Of course, it didn’t happen. Following Melissa, who has taken the mask and gone back to Creepy Hector’s mask-making shop, Aria goes inside to get more answers from him and Spencer confronts her sister. Twists and turns happen as Melissa confesses what none of the viewers would have actually suspected:

  • Everyone was afraid of Wilden and he may have been working for someone.
  • She’s been protecting Spencer since the very beginning.
  • She was in fact on the Halloween train, but it was Wilden who was trying to kill her and Aria.
  • Wilden was also the one who started the fire and Shauna and Jenna were to watch the girls that night to see who they were meeting up with. However, it was someone else who pulled them out of the fire.
  • Melissa believes something that everyone has been suspecting: Alison has risen from the dead.

Aria got some answers from Hector also. Apparently, he saw Alison the summer she disappeared. She took most of the money he owed her and left in a car… which she was not driving herself.

Just like in every episode, more secrets come out and more questions form. Did Alison kill Toby’s mother and why? Who actually killed Wilden? Was Melissa telling the truth? When will they give Emily a break? How come not that many stuff happens to Aria? What’s with majority of the outfits this season? Important questions that most likely won’t have the exact answers we come with. It’s Pretty Little Liars and nothing is as it seems.

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  1. Since I don’t watch this show I’m curious: Do they actually refer to themselves as liars?

    Also, what is the show about, exactly?

  2. I remember seeing the previews when this show was about to air and thinking I’d like to see it. This definitely reminds me that I need yo catch up!

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