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Pretty Little Liars – S4E5 – Gamma Zeta Die!

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Face Time.’

Pretty Little Liars S4E5 3

The girls got to experience college life in this episode and it was not the best experience one could have. Spencer finally got a lead on where to trace down the phone number the parrot was yapping about, and just like in every episode, someone does something stupid. It was one of those college parties, huh?

Spencer, Hanna, and Emily made their way to Cicero College to track down the number with the help of an Ivy League Pimp. Things did get tense after a while seeing as Emily was actually at the Cicero College to visit the Sorority Sisters to ask about the possibility of a scholarship. Spencer and Emily were suddenly at each other’s throats after Emily revealed this. They were just throwing out insults about each other and the way they go about getting what they want. They were greeted by a group of Sorority Sisters before the fight could progress, so I speculate the tension will carry on to the next episode.

Spencer discovered a hidden room built into the wall and there was a disconnected phone and radio inside. She used the phone to call Aria and indeed, it was the phone that Ali had been calling the summer she went missing. Emily got information about Carla Grunwald, the sorority’s house mother who had gotten fired years ago. Seemed like an unimportant fact at first; however, the final shot showed a picture of Ms. Carla Grunwald. She may have an important role when it comes to the girls’ journey. Not to mention she will be in the Pretty Little Liars spin-off, Ravenswood.

As for Hanna, the episode ended with the police holding her at gunpoint and carrying her off in a police car. It most likely had to do with the fact that she found a gun in her mother’s closet and decided to take it with her on her way to the college to bury in the woods. I honestly thought Hanna would learn from their mistakes since season one. Remember the last time things involved dirt? That’s right, they got in trouble.  The one and only text that was received from A. was at the end of the episode stating that Hanna and Ashley could share a lawyer. I wonder how they will get themselves out of this one.

Pretty Little Liars S4E5

Meanwhile, all of the Montgomery family – including a wild Mike who randomly appeared – did not want to put aside their differences when it came to whether or not Ella should go to Austria with her boy toy. Mr. Montgomery thought it would be weird for him to tell Ella to run off with her new boyfriend. Mike felt uncomfortable with having his mother leave and thought Aria wanted her to leave because she wanted to bump uglies with Ezra. Not the right button to press, especially since Aria is actually trying to keep her mother from having to deal with venomous bees being put in her car again. They eventually put aside their differences over a quiet night of board games.


Pretty Little Liars S4E5 2

What was your take on this week’s episode? Is Ashley as guilty as she is making herself seem? Even though Cece went to UPenn, could the room belong to her? Will Hanna get out of this trouble she caused for herself? Will these girls ever learn to just stop lying and focus on school instead? All answers may or may not be revealed soon, but watch Pretty Little Liars every Tuesday 8/7 central to discover more.


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