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Pretty Little Liars – S4E6 – Under the Gun

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Gamma Zeta Die!’ 


Pretty Little Liars S4E6

This episode was a nice way to introduce the Pretty Little Liar’s spinoff, Ravenswood. I’m looking forward to seeing how they will be able to pull this off since there have been many complaints about it. I’m sure many will only tune in because of Tyler Blackburn.

After a wild Mona appeared to tell that Spencer has been covering up for Toby, they track down Grunwald in Ravenswood to get some answers. Just like any other person they try and get answers from, Grunwald was not keen on helping her out and she was disturbing enough to be suspicious. I wasn’t so interested in the whole trip taken by Spencer and Toby. It practically introduced us to the grey-filtered, menacing music that will be the new television show Ravenswood. I was honestly waiting for Dean and Sam from Supernatural to make a wild appearance. I have no idea whether or not it was a good idea to advertise Ravenswood through this episode seeing as it seemed more like a fantasy show than the real-world drama that is Pretty Little Liars.


Ravenswood ABC Family

Meanwhile in Rosewood, it is obvious that these girls have not learned that A is not to be messed with; it seems as though A is making Hanna a prime example of why that is the case as Hanna’s problems go from bad to worse. A warns Hanna that if she says anything, the murder of Wilden will be pinned on both her parents – most likely because the gun that was found belongs to her father. With all the evidence piling up on Ashley in the end, she was arrested when the police prove the gun was the one used to kill Wilden. Adding on to the issues Hanna is facing, she could get seven years in jail for trying to hide the gun. As Mona had stated in the episode, A has dirt on all of them. Seeing as now it’s not just high school shenanigans but illegal crimes, I wonder when these girls will ever learn.

As usual, the majority of Aria’s drama has nothing to do with A, but with her love life. Everyone knows about her little affair with Ezra. To make matters worse, Mike’s little jerk of a friend has been spreading rumors around that he and Aria slept together after Aria rejects him. Mike, after realizing that Conner lied, takes a foolish approach on handling the situation by trashing Conner’s car.

Because every gay student in Rosewood has taken up swimming as a hobby, Shanna decides to transfer from private to public school and take Emily’s place on the swim team. Of course, Emily is not so happy with that seeing as Emily believes Shanna and Jenna have tried to kill them numerous times. With as many times Jenna’s name has been mentioned, she has gone M.I.A; however, Shanna was seen creeping around Ravenswood in her car so she could still be around. I’m just waiting to see what they have in store for the Liars.

Emily decides to take action and frame Wilden’s murder on Shanna and Jenna by planting a tape of them carrying Wilden throughout the woods onto Lieutenant Tanner’s desk. Whether it was to help clear the Martin’s names or just to get revenge, I don’t know. However, it backfired seeing as A switched the tapes to Red Coat wearing an Emily mask holding up a sign that says ‘Guilty’. This causes Emily to be put on Tanner’s radar.

Looking at the promos for next week, it seems as though these Liars will be dropping like flies: Hanna, Emily, and then Aria’s brother. Who’s next? On the bright side, we finally get to see the car crash that was shown in the promo before the season aired and Caleb and Toby take action on discovering who A is. Hopefully, the boys will because it seems as though the girls cannot get their crap straight.

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