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Pretty Little Liars – S4E7 – Crash and Burn, Girl!

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Under the Gun’

We could be one step closer to figuring out the identity of who A is as it seems Cece might be the mastermind behind everything. However, every time one of the girls make a huge discovery in figuring out this whole thing, something always pushes them back five steps. So the fact that Cece may be the one behind everything is slim to none. Also, this show seriously has a way of revealing a lot and nothing at the same time. It’s going to be a short recap this time seeing as not much happened this episode.

Pretty Little Liars Crash and Burn Girl

Mike is getting charges pressed against him for destroying Conner’s car, but it seems like he didn’t do it. After speaking with Ezra, the principal decides to drop Mike’s name due to lack of evidence and witnesses. Ashley cannot dig herself out of this hole that A dug for her. Whether she confesses or not, she’s still going to jail. However, if she confesses, it will be for twenty years in jail opposed to life.  I guess the only way for us to see Ashley getting out of this is if they discover A and have her confess. We all know that’s not happening any time soon, especially seeing as no one wants to talk about their involvement with A.

Pretty Little Liars S4E7

The Hardy Boys

Toby and Caleb were like a dream team come true. They spent the majority of the episode trying to find out more about the night of the fire and they confirm what I already knew: A seems to know and be in contact with everyone in Rosewood. As they tracked down the plane that was in the area, they pay new hottie Nigel, the airport attendant, a visit. Upon the first visit, Nigel informs them that the plane had to make an “emergency landing” due to the mist of the fog. Toby realizes that the lighter he found at the lodge last season belonged to him when he sees Nigel’s initials on it; however, Nigel just tells the boys that it was Cece Drake who flew the plane and runs off, dropping his cell phone on the way out. When we last see him, he is serving tea to an off-screen person – whether it’s A or someone else, I don’t know – and it’s hard not to notice the sunglasses and walking stick on the table. Um… Jenna?

“What do I want to watch tonight? Jimmy Kimmel or Boobs?”

On to the Liars: Emily ditches her physical therapy appointment when she notices the key to Wilden’s apartment at the police station. Of course, she took the key which is causing her mom to get suspended. Inside Wilden’s home, we get a peek inside of his mind thanks to Aria. Not only do they find a stack of adult films, but they also find a note from A that mentions a barbecue. Could she be talking about the lodge fire? If so, this confirms that he did plan the fire. Now the only question that needs to be answered is why kill him off and why he has been working with A in the first place? You see why I said this show reveals things and nothing at the same time?

Pretty Little Liars Nia Peeples

Ending everything with a bang

As mentioned before, Emily’s mother was on suspension for the missing key that is in Emily’s possession. As Emily thought that everything would be fine if she snuck the key back into her mother’s possession, someone crashes a car into the living room… that Emily’s mother is in! What a way to end an episode; although, I can’t figure out what’s the point of the car in the living room.  Guess A just like driving cars into people.

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