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Pretty Little Liars – S4E8 – The Guilty Girl’s Handbook

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Crash and Burn, Girl!’ 

I’ll admit that I did not expect a majority of the events that happened this episode to go down the way they did; however, looking back on it, it was kind of obvious.

Mona is back and for much longer than just five minutes of screen time, but her time may be cut short because of her actions in this episode. Hanna had the great idea of taking the fall for Wilden’s death after finding out that her mother’s trial was appealed. Please notice my sarcasm. Who better to ask for help when it comes to lying? The one and only Mona. Majority of Mona’s time on this episode was spent trying to help Hanna lie better about how she murdered Wilden. This included having a motive, how she got the gun, what went down, etc. Seemed like legit innocent help from someone who has lied multiple times about things; however, as Mona continued to make up the lie, it seemed more like she knew exactly what went down with his murder. My suspicions were correct when Mona struts up to the police station and confesses with a smile on her face. Hopefully, this is enough to clear Ashley’s name. Although, I hope this isn’t the last of Mona. I love Mona; she’s awesome.

Mona Pretty Little Liars

 Mrs. Hastings has a new intern named Beckett. I swear I need to move down to Rosewood; every guy down there is completely attractive. Beckett knows Spencer is a slick snoop when she steals one of Wilden’s files. Yet, he is not telling because, just like any other guy who comes across Spencer, it’s like love at first sight. The file stolen has something to do with Toby’s mom’s death. Before Wilden was a detective, he interviewed Eddie Lamb who said that she jumped, fell, or was pushed off the roof. But Wilden’s final report says that it was the window. Why he changed it, no one knows, but Eddie Lamb said something that made sense. “Ever wonder how he went from a cop to a detective so fast?” Wilden was most likely a dirty cop, but how it helped him get to the status is unknown.

Last time we saw the Field family, a car had just been driven into their living room. This caused them to end up living in a motel. Emily wants to help her mother as best as she can, but Pam wants her to focus on her future. The most heartbreaking part of the episode was Pam realizing that her baby was leaving so soon. It made me dread what senior year will be like with my mother. Lawl. Anyhow, it was a great moment and great acting on Nia Peeples’ part.


Nia Peeples Pretty Little Liars

 Aria’s storyline this season focused more on her brother and her recent boy toy, Jake. Her brother seems to be having trouble with his teammates and has been taking self-defense classes.  However, it was a great way for her to rekindle with Jake.

Next week’s episode seems to be an exciting one. Hopefully, we get more answers about A than we did this episode since A seems to have disappeared. Also, someone is found in a lake. Wanna find out who it is? Watch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family.

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