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Pretty Little Liars – S4E9 – Into the Deep

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘The Guilty Girl’s Handbook’


Pretty Little Liars Ashley

So what crazy things were we introduced to this week? Paige decided to throw Emily a surprise birthday party, but of course things didn’t go as planned. Earlier, Paige set Emily up with an Olympic gold medalist to help train her in time to apply for scholarships. Did that work out? No. Ezra learned some devastating news about Maggie’s new job, and sought some legal aid. On the bright side, Hanna got her wish when Father Ted put up the bail money to get Ashley out of jail. While “Into the Deep” introduced a few new twists, Aria and Spencer were left with nothing to do.

Pretty Little Liars S4E9

After last week’s scare over Mike, Jake apparently slept on the couch, and there seemed to be some renewed sparks between the pair, but Aria was quick to dismiss him once she received a text from Spencer. Aria’s finally not ditching her friends when she sees a new boy! 10 points for Gryffindor! However, it’s obvious that Jake and Aria like each other, but their conversation over Aria’s jealousy was like a game of tag. You get close, but someone always pulls away. The highlight of Aria’s storyline was Ezra’s obvious envy when he saw Aria with Jake at the coffee shop.

Hanna has been dying for her mom to get out of prison. After a phone call to her father requesting bail money was denied, Hanna confided her angst to Father Ted. Not long afterwards, Veronica was bringing a grateful Ashley home just in time for dinner. It was obvious Ted gave the $100,000 bail money, but Hanna seemed hopeful that it was her father. I liked Ted and Ashley together, and I hope nothing bad happens between them. Hanna needs a father figure she can count on because Mr. Marin is not cutting it.

Ezra actually had a storyline that didn’t involve any of the girls. Maggie revealed that she has been offered a job in Washington, which means she will be moving away with Malcolm. The thought of losing his son drove Ezra to seek legal advice from Veronica, who put him in touch with a lawyer who handles custody arrangements and informed Ezra to get a paternity test. I’m wondering if they will go the route where it’s not really Ezra’s kid. It seems like an insane idea, but anything can happen on this show.

Emily has the best girlfriend ever. Not only did Paige set her up with an Olympic swimmer for training, but she threw Emily a surprise birthday party at a lake house. Bad move on the lake house part; as soon she said that I knew there would be a walk in a dark forest and someone would drown in the lake. And someone did. However, Emily seemed pretty upset when the coach told her that she’d probably never be able to swim competitively again, at least not in time for scholarships. Paige and Emily also seemed to come to the realization that they may not go to the same college and practically broke it off right then and there. Losing her home, not being able to swim competitively, the thought of breaking up with her girlfriend, finding a comatose Jenna floating in the lake: things don’t look like they are not going well for Emily.

Jenna is back, and Aria and Spencer listened into her and Shana’s conversation at school. They discovered that Jenna knows something about Allison, but what? The girls got Paige to invite Shana to the party so they could get that information, but Jenna was not giving up anything. May I note that no one could focus on their one simple task for the night?

ARIA: “I will keep an eye on Shana and Jenna all night”

SHANA: “Jenna, I will not leave your side for one moment, ‘cause I’m hopelessly in love you”

Pretty Little Liars S4E9

Fail and FAIL: The failures in completing both of these tasks ended up with someone hitting Jenna in the back of the head and her being found face down in the lake. Someone doesn’t like the information that Jenna knows, but who? I’m sure Aria is glad Jenna didn’t tell her because that could have been her. Also, I’m not sure if Jenna and Shana have something going on. Shana was practically stroking Jenna’s hair like she was a cat every time they had screen time.

It turns out Jenna is terrified of CeCe Drake, and I’m sure the blonde will pop up soon enough. Mona seems to be happy to be back at Radley. Her face lit up like she was running through a field of roses while she was in there. The end of the episode gave us a Red Coat appearance. Despite the blonde hair, I would say that CeCe is a little too tall to be Red Coat. However, Shana believes Alison is really dead, so the chances are pretty likely. While Red Coat was breaking into a grate outside of somewhere, Black Hoodie was playing on a piano, and leaving the music for Toby. Not sure what the sheet music and spilt wine have to do with anything, but we’ll find out by the end of the summer finale.

Overall, I’m kind of bored with this season. I’m not jumping in my seat like I use to. I’m hoping things get better.


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