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Pretty Little Liars – S5E10 – A Dark Ali

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘March of Crimes’

Hanna has decided to stop drinking and tells Caleb they should eat healthy and jog. She spends a lot of time trying to distance herself from Ali and all the drama. Ali won’t tell the police that the guy who confessed is telling the truth, but she won’t say he’s innocent either. The other girls are panicked, telling her that she can’t let an innocent man go to jail to cover her ass. Ali tells Emily that he’s not so innocent. He cut and robbed Ali when she was hiding out, but she has no idea how A found him. In the end, she decides to let him go to jail to pay him back for what he did, but she does after he’s already been released. Later, Ali meets him in the woods wearing a dark wig. She provides him with the means to leave the country. Oh, Ali.

Here are the top 3 moments from the episode:
  • When Hanna blows off Spencer to keep jogging, Spencer yells, “Are you seriously running away from me? I’m faster than you. And I have a car!”

Hanna Caleb and Spencer

  • Mona’s obvious lip-synching while waiting to audition for the school play, which Hanna is also trying out for. Hanna cuts her off, mid-high note, “Okay, Mona. We get it. You can freaking sing.”
  • Aria’s heart-to-heart with her mom who admits that she knew she was too old for Zach and that there were signs he was no good, but she ignored them in order to not be alone.


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