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Pretty Little Liars – S5E14 – Through a Glass, Darkly

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Taking This One to the Grave’

Confession: There was a Pretty Little Liars Christmas special. I watched it, but did not review it because it was too ridiculous for words. 

3 Months Later

Despite not finding a body, Mona’s mom has a funeral for her daughter in which they bury a casket filled with Mona’s favorite things. Alison tries to pay her respects, but gets the answer to the age-old question, “What did the five fingers say to the face?”

That dress, tho.

That dress, tho.

Aria’s not going to college and she blames A. a.k.a. Alison. Surely she hacked into the system and made Aria seem undesirable. Never mind the fact that these girls barely go to school, but okay. She accuses Alison on the street and then blows a rape whistle when Alison won’t leave her alone. Later, she goes to Caleb for help hacking into the school’s system. He tries to teach her how to do it instead, but she’s attacked by A. and the laptop he gave her is stolen.

Bethany’s family is petitioning to have Spencer’s bail revoked which sends her into full-on freak-the-fuck-out mode. To be helpful, Emily suggests planting Ali’s hair from a stolen brush in Mona’s house. Never mind that it’s been three damn months and the police have already searched the house. But they do it anyway because Emily is sad that Paige is leaving town due to all the killing and stuff. If they can get Alison arrested, then surely Paige’s parents won’t make her leave, right? While planting the evidence, they discover a camera in the vents. They convince Hanna to drop a hint to Mona’s mom to look for cameras. They’re hoping Mona’s murder was caught on film.

I know, Hanna. I can't believe we still don't know who A is either.

I know, Hanna. I can’t believe we still don’t know who A is either.

Mike is all up in his feelings because his boo thang is dead. Mike is now also four kinds of hot. Jason confronts Ali. After Emily and Spencer whisper in his ear, he now doubts his sister. She swears to him she’s being framed by A.

Score | 7/10After finding the camera in the vent, the police view the video and it does show Mona being attacked by a blonde woman in a hoodie. Even though you can’t see her face, Jason admits that it could be his sister, and then he totally takes away Ali’s alibi for the night Mona was murdered. When the police come to arrest her, he does let her run out and agrees to stall them, but the Liars block her path in the backyard. She tries, again, to warn them that she’s being set up and that when A is done with her, she’ll move on to them, but they don’t listen. Alison is arrested, the charges against Spenser are dropped, and Paige leaves town anyway because the whole town is still fucking crazy.

Oh, and even though Alison is in jail, A. sends up fireworks announcing it ain’t over.

Whoever A is, can she just kill these girls already? They’re becoming too dumb to live.


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