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Pretty Little Liars – S5E15 – Fresh Meat

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Through a Glass, Darkly’

The Liars are Clueless… As Usual

The Liars don’t believe that Alison isn’t A. The A. who paid for those fireworks must be Ali’s assistant and they decide it must be Holbrook (he and Ali were spotted kissing in the Christmas episode). When Toby tells them that Holbrook took some vacation time to care for his sick dad, The Liars insist that means he’s guilty.

The Thirst is Real

Emily is sweating Paige like onions. She’s writing and calling, but Paige isn’t responding. Too cute to take a hint, Emily decides she’s going to fly to California to surprise Paige, but first she needs the dough for a plane ticket. Her mother refuses to let her touch her college fund – imagine that – so Emily steps in to cater Ezra’s big event. At some point Ezra bought the coffee shop? How did I miss that? Was this revealed during the Christmas episode I semi blocked out?

PLL 5.15 Emily and Ezra

Anyway, despite his concerns, Ezra says yes and Emily is quickly in over her head. When Ezra brings in a professional chef, Emily’s competitive spirit kicks in. She treats the woman like shit just because she makes great crab cakes. All is forgiven though when the new girl shows Emily how to rescue her gross empanadas by dousing them in sauce.

Aria Proves Why She’s Not Ready For College

Aria is so stressed out about not getting into any colleges that her hair is falling out. She was rejected by all but one, and that one put her on a waitlist. Emily advises her to write a kickass letter, but Aria only got half of that right and wrote an ass one. Ezra overhears Aria’s dilemma and suggests she reach out to his ex, Jackie, who is now an admissions officer at the waitlisted school.

Aria is #TeamTooMuch and writes this letter that talks about how her life would have been so much better if she never fucked her teacher. When Emily is all, “Are you stupid? You can’t send this!,” Aria admits she already did. She rushes to the school to beg Jackie not to tell Ezra how she basically shat all over their relationship in the letter. Jackie agrees because Ezra is the worst and us girls must stick together. *wink* That’s so not going to end well.

Drew Van AckerHow Ashley Got Her Groove Back

Hanna’s mom, Ashley, is working for Jason. How the hell did I miss that? Was this revealed during the Christmas episode, too?

She wants a different job, but Jason begs her to stay on and help him. She feels sorry for him, especially after learning that his dad is no longer talking to him since he’s responsible for turning Alison in. She feels so sorry for him that she gives him some. Hanna watches in shock as Jason leaves her house after boning her mom.

Toby is the Worst Cop Ever

Tanner orders another search of Mona’s property hoping to find the body. Toby finds a bloody knife and covers it with leaves. He panicked because his cop instincts haven’t kicked in yet, apparently. Turns out, the knife is his, taken from his family cabin. Toby and Spenser convince Caleb to go along with the plan to not tell the cops (the real ones) about the knife. He’s not happy about it though because there’s a good chance his prints are on the knife since she used it many times when he lived with Toby.

PLL 5.15 Toby

Hanna cuts her college visit short when Caleb tells her about the knife. You know, because no one in this group can keep a damn secret. She heads out to Holbrook’s dad’s trailer park because it’s in the neighborhood (I guess?). Of course it’s Holbrook’s dad says he hasn’t seen his son. It’s clear that he thinks she’s Alison. When she goes back to her car, she finds a stuffed animal in it and it is stuffed with bloody animal innards… or something equally gross.

Caleb and Spencer head out to the woods behind Mona’s house in search of the knife and find it. Caleb can’t bring himself to toss it into the river though because he felt like he was being followed. They head to the school – I’m not even sure why. What is happening? – and A traps Caleb in this room and almost bakes him to death. Don’t even ask.

Toby is pissed when he finds out what they’ve done. He does care about being a cop after all. He tells Spenser she can no longer tell him about her boneheaded illegal activities and she pouts because he told her once that she could tell him anything.

Girl, bye.

Score | 7.5/10Alison Has It Rough

Alison has it rough because jail sucks. The girls aren’t taking her calls and someone attacked her. She warns Toby that A. is going to go after the Liars next. Hanna visits and tells her to back off. Alison smartly points out that if she were A, why would her plan involve going to jail for murder? THANK YOU!

Later, A (or someone) sneaks a note to Alison that reads her friends will be joining her soon. I would say with all the evidence planting and tampering, that is accurate.


PLL 5.15 Ali in Jail

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