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Pretty Little Liars – S5E16 – Over a Barrel

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Fresh Meat’


I guess Paige finally answered her phone and told Emily that she needs space so Emily has scrapped her plans to go to Cali for spring break. She’s still moping though, and that includes wearing a t-shirt Paige gave her, even though it has a hole in it.

Sexy new girl who also works at the coffee shop is really working Emily’s nerves by just… existing. She has all of these nifty ideas on how to make the shop better like, not wearing t-shirts with holes in them at work. Emily offers her a seat and a mug of shut the fuck up with extra whip.

They make up later when sexy new girl who also works at the coffee shop tells Emily about this stew with way too many damn ingredients in it, and uses it as a metaphor for why maybe Emily should stop wearing funky t-shirts from someone who has clearly moved on. Later, she compliments Emily on her “street clothes” and tries to suss out what Emily thinks of Ezra’s butt.

These two are totally going to hook up and I am here for it.


Somehow A has hacked into the coffee shop’s cash register and rigged it to print Aria’s letter to Jackie on the receipts. Luckily, only Emily and Aria see this, but it’s a close enough call to make Aria nearly shit herself.

Aria’s distracted from her problems when she gets a text from Holbrook, who wants to meet. He doesn’t show so she ends up having lunch with Jason instead. They chat about how awful it is for them that Alison is in jail for something she maybe, kinda, sorta didn’t do… ? Maybe? Jason is sure Alison had help and Aria asks if he thinks it could be Holbrook. *Kanye shrug*

Jason is totally working with A, right?


Hanna spends the majority of the episode keeping her mother’s secrets – as usual. Ted is back and wants to propose to Ashley, but first he wants Hanna’s permission. She gives it because she knows he’s good for her mom, but she also calls her mom out about her cougar activities with Jason. Ashley insists it was a mistake and reminds Hanna that even though she puts all of her adult problems on Hanna’s shoulders, she’s a grown-ass woman and doesn’t have to explain herself to Hanna.

PLL S5E16 Hanna

When Ted finally gets around to proposing over a giant peanut butter cookie, Ashley takes the rock, but says she needs time to think about it. Ouch.


Spencer has the whitest of white people problems: she got into a bunch of colleges that are away from Rosewood, but she doesn’t want to go to them. She only applied because they’re far away from Alison… who’s in jail. Toby doesn’t see the problem, and frankly, neither do I.

Spencer also spends time getting to know her parents’ new tenant who makes his own paints out of garbage and has been to Italy. In other words, he has a lot more in common with Spencer than poor Toby. Ray Charles can see where this is going.

Someone turns on Mona’s missing laptop, which causes a text to be sent to the Liars. Caleb helps them track it to a storage facility where he and Spencer find a barrel…. and there’s a good chance there’s a pickled Mona in it.

PLL S5E16 Caleb Spencer and Hanna

Score | 7/10Thoughts & Questions:
  • I enjoy this show. I do. But how the hell can they drag this out for another two seasons – it was renewed for a 6th and 7th season.
  • This show is not nearly as fun without Alison and this episode proved it.
  • Ashley is the worst mother on TV, right?
  • The whole “our prime suspect is someone who’s missing” is also getting old.
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