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Pretty Little Liars – S5E17 – The Bin of Sin

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Over a Barrel’


Emily warns Talia to back off Ezra after Talia bakes him a Thank You For My Job pie. Talia insists that she’s not trying to give him her real pie.

Emily at Cafe

Later, Talia asks Emily to help her stir her apples and Emily nearly sets the kitchen on fire. It’s all good, though because Talia is super understanding. Also, she finally admits she wants in Emily’s pants and I’m 100% okay with this.


The Liars are in a panic because the storage facility with the barrel was rented in Hanna’s name the day before Mona was killed. They all decide to let Caleb work his hacking magic on the files and remove Hanna’s name, then they’ll lead Tanner to the storage unit so she can discover Mona’s body in the barrel without it tying back to Hanna. Hanna ain’t ’bout that plan.

Ashley manages to keep Ted at bay by saying her hesitation to answer his proposal is due to her last shitty marriage. She’s decided to not tell him about Jason, which Hanna thinks is a bad plan. Hanna doesn’t like anyone’s plans today. Later, Ashley quits her job with Jason and tells him about Ted. He suggests that she slept with him on purpose to have a reason to sabotage her relationship with Ted. That would only make sense if Ashley plans on telling Ted, which she doesn’t.

Hanna concocts her own plan which involves breaking into the storage unit and moving everything out of it. She’s not convinced that Mona’s murder won’t get pinned on her. She wants to remove all traces that might link to her by creating a paper trail in renting a bunch of shit that she’ll need to get the job done. Way to go, Hanna. Caleb hates the plan, but goes along with it because he’s Caleb.

Caleb breaks into unit

When they get there, they find everything but the barrel has already been moved. That damn Holbrook, they think. They leave to get the dolly to move the barrel and bump right into Tanner and Toby. After making up some bullshit reason for being there that Tanner doesn’t buy at all, they part ways.

Busted at the storage unit

Tanner and Toby find the barrel, open it, and it stinks! They call for backup and forensics.


Aria got into Jackie’s college and Ezra is excited for her, but then Aria confesses to writing a letter that basically shat on their relationship. He reads it, and is surprisingly cool about it. He doesn’t care if Jackie thinks Aria regrets him if it means she gets into school. See, Aria? You worried for nothing.

Not so fast. While hugging Aria, Ezra side-eyes the fuck out of the letter.

Ezra Hugs Aria

Later, Ezra tells Aria that she should probably make sure that IF they stay together, she won’t resent him because upon further reading, he thinks there might be some truth in her letter. And she’s all, “What you mean IF we stay together?”


Spencer shows up at the police station to speak to Toby about Hanna. She is determined to get this man fired. Toby hints around to Tanner that Holbrook might be shady as fuck and she reminds him that he’s been a cop for a hot minute and he might want to check himself.

Spencer tracks down Aria and Emily, and she’s freaking out. Mona’s laptop is on the move, so they hop in Spencer’s car to track the signal. They assume it’s Hanna and Caleb moving the shit like they told them not to. They are wrong. For while Hanna and Caleb are at the storage facility, they’re led to an abandoned warehouse… with no lights. They decide to split up because of course they do.

Aria and Spencer find a laptop that’s playing video from Hanna’s house, and it shows her convincing Caleb to go along with her plan. A. traps them in the room which starts to fill with liquid nitrogen. Emily to the rescue with a giant bolt cutter thingie!

Emily to the rescue

That night, Hanna shows up at Spencer’s all pissed off because Toby didn’t tell them the cops were going to the unit. Spencer tells Hanna to back the hell off and tells her she screwed herself by going there when they told her not to. Welp.

Just after Tanner warns Toby that he needs to act like a cop who has some damn sense, Spencer calls him demanding all kinds of explanations. Girl, sit all the way down. She’s so fucking annoying. He basically blows her off because he’s not trying to get fired now that the show has finally given him something relevant to do.

Spencer cries because Spencer is spoiled and the worst.

Score | 7.5/10Thoughts & Questions:
  • Upon opening the barrel, when Toby asked, “What’s that smell?,” I really wanted Tanner to reply, “Pickled Mona.”
  • So, it’s never that easy on this show so it can’t be Mona’s remains in that barrel, right? Who does that leave? Holbrook? Melissa? We haven’t seen her ass in a hot minute.
  • Why do I feel like this Aria/Ezra storyline is reheated leftovers?
  • Each episode has to have the obligatory “get locked into something dangerous while snooping” scene, and this episode’s was one of the better ones.
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