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Pretty Little Liars – S5E19 – Out Damned Spot

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me’


Hanna has a ton of acceptance letters, but no financial aid. She asks Spencer to look at the letters to figure out why. Spencer says it’s because her father has money. How Hanna got admitted into so many schools, yet she can’t figure that out is beyond me.

When Ashley realizes Hanna is about to ask her father for money, she tells her not to because she doesn’t him to know she doesn’t have a job. That’s ridiculous.

Hanna shows up at her dad’s office and asks for the money. He says no because he’s already paying for Kate – her stepsister – to go to Dartmouth. Hanna will have to make it on the $10K a year in the divorce settlement.

Hanna has shitty parents. She decides to enter a church beauty pageant in order to win the $20K prize.


Spencer helps her parent’s tenant (whose name I can’t remember!) with a mural he’s painting on a college campus. Turns out, he wasn’t hired to do it and he has tricked Spencer into vandalizing the school.

She forgives him later for a reason that doesn’t make any damn sense.


After the Liars witness Mike poking around (and pocketing something from) the blood drive, Aria has to defend him to her friends, insisting that he’s not working with A and he didn’t hurt Mona. Later, she cheats on a math test and is busted by Andrew, the guy whose answers she stole. She apologizes and he offers to tutor her.

Aria answers Mike’s phone and intercepts a collect call from the jail, but whoever it is (Alison?) hangs up. The name given to the operator was Hank Mahoney. Aria thinks it’s a coded message from Alison and confronts him. He tells her to pound sand. Then he takes a vial of blood out of his mini-fridge.

Pretty Little Liars Mike

Andrew tutors Aria, but it’s clear he likes her. Emily interrupts their session with news that she saw Mike taking a lot of cash out of an ATM. She swiped the receipt and now they know he has $400 in cash from an account with $18K in it. Just then, Mike takes off in the car and the girls talk Andrew into using his car to follow him.

Mike meets Cyrus (Ali’s fake kidnapper) in a diner and the Liars (minus Hanna) watch as he gives Cyrus an envelope. A text from A reveals Mike may have given Cyrus vials of their blood from the drive. When Cyrus corners them outside the diner, Andrew scares him off with a bat.

Score | 7/10Emily

Emily and Talia go on a bike ride and share a kiss where Talia had her not-so-great first kiss with a boy. Emily’s kiss is better by 1000%.

Later, Emily learns from Ezra that Talia is married. Well, damn. She confronts Talia, who says she was going to tell her. Emily storms out and Ezra remains clueless.

When Talia shows up at Emily’s house, she agrees to talk and Talia explains that it’s not THAT kind of marriage. Emily forgives her. I can’t help but think if Talia were Christian Grey, this behavior would be seen as stalking.

Pretty Little Liars Talia and Emily


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