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Pretty Little Liars – S5E20 – Pretty Isn’t the Point

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Out Damned Spot.’


Apparently, Talia is chummy with Emily’s mom, which is news to me. Why do I feel like relationships are always developing off-camera on this show? Anyway, Mike comes into the shop for two coffees, both for him, because you gotta be on your toes when you’re assisting a homicidal stalker. Emily tries some low-key snooping, but he tells her to mind her damn business too. Welp.

Later, Talia’s husband shows up at the coffee shop and tells Emily he’s cool with her relationship with his wife. It’s just an experimental phase and he’s in it for the long-run. Ooooh. Burn. Emily tells Talia she’s not in the mood to be someone’s experiment.


The girls are searching Mike’s room, looking for proof that he stole their blood samples for A. All they find is nasty gym socks, jock itch cream, and a necklace. The knots in the necklace represent Morse Code, and Spencer knows this because internet. It spells out, “I’m with you.” Did Mike buy this necklace for Alison? Of course, not. But the Liars will think so because they always get it wrong 15 times before they get it right once.

Aria is so distracted by whatever the hell Mike is doing that she’s barely paying attention to her tutoring sessions with Andrew. When Mike comes home, he confronts Aria for being in his room. Andrew excuses himself because it’s awkward as fuck. Mike flips a table and tells Aria to stay the hell out of his business. She doesn’t listen and enlists Andrew to follow Mike. He reports back that Mike left something in a tree in the woods behind Mona’s house. He offers to follow him some more because Andrew really wants to get in Aria’s drawers.

Aria and Andrew

Aria goes snooping around the tree at night, because of course she does, and she finds a vial of blood. Mike shows up and says it’s Mona’s blood. Aria drops the blood and runs off.

Aria in a tree

At the house, Mike explains that Mona was working with A to frame Alison (storing her own blood to set the murder scene) for killing her. She’d go away until Alison was in jail and A would leave the Liars alone. Mike has been going to all the places he was supposed to meet Mona while she was in hiding, but she’s not showing up – cause she’s really dead. A double-crossed her and he knows that Alison is not A because Cyrus had Alison out of town on purpose that day to screw her from having an alibi.


Spencer and Johnny discover that someone has sold their vandalism as art so they decide to break into the person’s house and steal all the paintings. They trip the alarm and take off, but Toby finds them in the parking lot of a fast food joint. He arrests Johnny despite Spencer yelling at him and demanding they “talk about this right now.”

Spencer is so fucking annoying. She’s screeching and being a total idiot. Why he hasn’t dumped her by now is beyond me. Spencer’s mother bails out Johnny and then kicks him out of the guest house. He gets a kiss from Spencer before he goes, though.


Caleb tries to talk Hanna out of the beauty pageant, but she’s determined. She has a coach who urges her to find a talent. Hanna says she has one: dancing. This is news to everyone watching. But her plan is to have Emily – who took dance lessons for many years – teach her a routine. While they’re rehearsing, Caleb drops the bombshell that Hanna’s stepsister, Kate, has also signed up for the pageant.

Emily and Hanna dance


That turns Hanna into a crazy woman and she goes completely rogue on the dance routine in front of her coach, who later tells Hanna she is not pageant material. But Emily is!

Score | 7.5/10Turns out, Kate didn’t sign up for the pageant, but it doesn’t matter because Hanna is sour that Emily has what it takes. Hanna gets a taunting text from A and Hanna says it’s obviously Mike’s doing this at Alison’s behest – she will later realize this is wrong. Emily promises to enter the pageant and win so she can give the money to Hanna.

Now that the girls know Alison is innocent, they realize they destroyed a lot of evidence that would prove it. They agree they need to figure something out before Ali goes to trial. They also need to send homegirl a helluva gift basket. I mean shit. Oh, Spencer emailed her sister. Where the hell has she been? She’s the one in the barrel, isn’t she?


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