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Pretty Little Liars – S5E22 – To Plea or Not to Plea

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Bloody Hell’


Spencer agrees to stay in London a few days longer so she can have another interview at a college, thanks to her mother’s connections. At least, that’s the story her mother gave her, but we later find out it’s bullshit. Still, she stays and bonds with Melissa, who promises their relationship will be different – no more lies! She also has a good time with the flatmate. When Spencer gets a call from back home alerting her that one of the other Liars has been arrested, she realizes her mother and Melissa lied in order to get her to stay.

Spencer and the flatmate


No Talia this episode, but Emily was still pretty busy. She grilled Aria about her relationship with Andrew and gets her to admit they kissed. Later, she gets trapped on the grounds of a fancy house after she, Ezra, and Aria follow Mona’s lawyer there. They know he’s also working with Varjak (A). Emily believes she has Varjak’s number from a receipt and calls it later when she’s alone.



Aria spends a lot of time avoiding Ezra, even though they spend most of the episode together – trying to figure out a way onto the grounds of the house Emily is trapped in. Ezra’s no dummy and finally gets Aria to admit she wants to break up. So, they do. Thank fucking Christ.

Ezra and Aria


There’s a chance Alison may take a plea deal, and if she does, she’ll name an accomplice. This is why Spencer was tricked into staying in London – her mother didn’t want her to be named. Nope, it’s going to be Hanna. Everyone knows it including, finally, her Mom. Alison didn’t plan on taking the plea deal, but after being stalked by A in jail, she does. Hanna is arrested and placed in jail with Alison.

Ashley and Hanna

Score | 6/10Overall Thoughts:
  • I swear, some days I don’t even think I want to know who A is.
  • Before Hanna was arrested, she had planned on showing Tanner all of A’s texts to prove she’s being set up (storage container in her name, being there the day the barrel was found, etc.). But A managed to hack Hanna’s phone JUST as she was about to go into Tanner’s office. Later, A wipes all correspondence from all the Liars’ phone. Finding Hanna’s blood on the clothes Mona was wearing when she went missing is what finally gets Hanna arrested. At this point, the only thing that will make sense is if A is really James Bond.
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