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Pretty Little Liars – S5E23 – The Melody Lingers On

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘To Plea or Not to Plea’


Alison calls Emily to apologize and ask if Emily is going to be in court for her. Emily is hesitant at first, but then agrees she’ll go. The conversation is so awkward.


Spencer’s mom warns her not to attend Alison’s trial. Spencer argues that’s a shitty thing to do, but Mrs. Hastings doesn’t care. We all know Spencer is going to end up going to the trial.

Spencer uses Caleb’s burner phone to text Varjak a message since the person isn’t answer the phone. Now they just have to wait. Caleb agrees to meet with Hanna and tell her to ask Alison about the phone number.

Jason doesn’t want to hear shit Spencer has to say now that she’s sorry about screwing over Alison. Mr. DiLaurentis doesn’t have time for it either. Bye, Felicia.

Liars in Court


Andrew shows his creepy colors when he goes on a rant about how shitty Mona was. He says they’re lucky she didn’t make it to college and later become president. Jesus!

Andrew and Aria

Varjak calls Aria’s cell and she freaks out, stalling to answer it even when Caleb, Spencer, and Emily tell her to. Caleb grabs her phone in frustration. It’s a French song playing on a loop. It’s a song Mona used to play in her room. The Liars plan to sneak into Mona’s room to search it for clues.

Aria volunteers to speak to Mona’s mom first because Aria is A. I’m so convinced she is.


Emily gives her lift to Mona’s house, but there’s no one home. Later, they return with Spencer and hear the French song playing from Mona’s room. They rush inside to find Mona’s room has been searched and there’s a note from A claiming he/she got what the girls were looking for. They suspect that’s a lie so they search anyway and Spencer finds a note hidden in a mirror.

Chandelier’s rituals

Sister launched lair.

A ruler’s list chained.

I’m not in the mood for riddles, PLL! I need answers. So, I ran each phrase through an anagram decoder and nothing. I even tried it as one long string. Finally, I realized each line has the same damn letters so they spell the same damn thing: Charles DiLaurentis.

Son of a bitch! See my overall thoughts below for more on this.

We’re treated to more Andrew weirdness when it’s revealed he’s watching the girls from outside Mona’s house. It’s probably going to be something dumb like, he broke into Mona’s house for some damn debate notes.


Hanna’s mom is on that Mrs. Hastings’ ish. She doesn’t want her daughter getting caught up into Alison’s drama any more than she already is. Seeing as how she’s already in jail, I’d say Hanna is in pretty deep. Ashley doesn’t care anything about Hanna insisting that Alison is innocent. She doesn’t care about the truth! She actually yells that with her fiance sitting right there. The fiance she cheated on.

Speaking of… God don’t like ugly, Ashley. In court, when Jason gets on the stand and says he doesn’t think his sister is guilty, the prosecutor turns on him and accuses him of lying because Hanna is friends with Alison and he banged Hanna’s mom. Oh, dip!

Hanna meets with Alison in the prison laundromat and Alison reveals that she’d been texting someone who knew about a song her mother sang to her when she was a baby, AND this person also stopped texting when Mona died. She thinks it was Mona, not A, but Hanna isn’t so sure.

Alison and Hanna in Jail

Hanna offers Caleb an out so he doesn’t get hurt in all that’s about to go down. Of course he’s not going to do that, because as Spencer points out, Caleb in the best boyfriend ever.


Alison’s trial gets off to a rocky start when the prosecutor lays out his harsh opening arguments – his main point being that Alison lied about being kidnapped. Mr. DiLaurentis blames the Liars for that.

Things don’t get better the prosecutor is able to make Jason look like a liar on the stand (see above), and when the jury views the video of a blonde attacking Mona.

Things get better when Jason visits her and says he believes. He’s standing by her.

Our final scene is an icepick being tested in a lab. Boo Boo’s Ice Cream is on the handle. There was also an icepick like it on the floor on Mona’s house, near a broken window. A is shredding all documents for Varjak and uses the paper to line a birdcage.

Score | 8/10Overall Thoughts:
  • If we’re to assume that A is one of the Liars, my money is on Aria. However, it really doesn’t make sense for it to be one of them because over the course of five seasons, we’ve seen them each threatened, while alone, numerous times. What would be the purpose of that if you’re A? And A has to be someone we know, right? Because what fun would it be if it’s some random person with a grudge who we’ve never seen?
  • My gut is telling me Alison has a twin sister who no one knew about and the twin is A. It would explain this child knowing things about Alison’s childhood and her relationship with her mother. It would also explain the hard-on A has for causing Alison and her friends pain, AND Alison’s mother – especially if she was kept in secret with a limited relationship with Mrs. DiLaurentis. This also explains the Charles DiLaurentis clue. A COULD be a twin of Jason instead.
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  1. Do you think A and the person who killed Mona are the same person or different people?

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