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Pretty Little Liars – S5E24 – I’m a Good Girl, I Am

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘The Melody Lingers On’

I truly thought this was the episode in which we learn A’s identity. I was wrong. This was just more teasing with a few WTF moments thrown in, especially at the end.

Alison has been on trial for two months. Things are heating up as the prosecutor calls a surprise witness: Mona’s friend, Lesli. Lesli testifies Mona said Alison threatened to kill her, and the Liars were aggressive and weird towards her when she tried to see some of Mona’s belongings. She accuses Hanna of stalking her.

The Liars in Court

The girls have a conference call and try to come up with anything that will help Alison get acquitted. Alison tells them A may have been watching her at a playground where she thought she was going to meet Mona. Later, Arya warns Mike Lesli threw his ass under the bus as well, and she coaches him on what to say should he get questioned or called to the stand. He wants to help Hanna and Alison, but Arya warns him to keep his mouth shut. That won’t be a problem after A sends them a giant tongue in the mail.

In prison, Alison and Hanna try to decipher the phrases found in Mona’s mirror. When Caleb visits Hanna is jail, he’s pissed to discover Mike won’t come forward to help her and Alison from being convicted, and furthermore, Hanna doesn’t want Mike to because “he’s just a kid.”

Andrew’s ass is still hanging around and being creepily supportive. When he learns Ezra agreed to take Mike out of town to keep him safe, he pouts because Arya didn’t ask him to help. When Ezra and Mike arrive at Ezra’s cabin, Caleb is already there and it doesn’t take much convincing for Mike to agree to head back to town with him. While Ezra and Caleb fight, Mike races off in the car.

Doesn’t look like Mike got very far. Ezra and Caleb find the car abandoned in the road with an arrow piercing the windshield, but Mike is nowhere to be found.


The Liars track down the girl who was at the park, but she has her own reasons for keeping quiet about being there that day. Emily suggests Spencer ask Toby to speak with the girl, and use his position as a cop to force her to talk. Since Toby and Spencer are on the outs, she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. No problem, though; the girl shows up at Spencer’s and she’s ready to talk.

In order to get alone to pass their notes about the clues, Alison purposely burns her arm and slams Hanna’s arm into a dryer door. In the infirmary, the lawyer busts them, but they remain quiet. The lawyer answers Emily’s and Spencer’s frantic call and heads over to Spencer’s to interview the girl from the park – Kendra. Doesn’t look like she’s willing to put Kendra on the stand as she’s not a reliable witness. She will, however, put Alison on the stand.

Toby, sick of Tanner making him fetch coffee, shows up at Spencer’s and says he’s chosen being with her. If Tanner has a problem with that, she can kick him off the force.

While searching for Mike, Ezra, and Caleb are attacked by someone shooting arrows. Mike is running through the woods when he’s hit with some pepper spray to the face, then he’s knocked out with a rock. Ezra and Caleb later find him tied up with tape over his mouth. Caleb takes a photo to put it up on Instagram later. They take what they have and know to Tanner, but she doesn’t believe anyone really attacked Mike.

Can someone fire Tanner already?

When Alison takes the stand, her lawyer demonstrates that Alison can’t even toss a one pound grapefruit due to a childhood arm injury which never healed properly. How could she toss Mona around as seen in the video? Well, the prosecution counters with an award Alison won for archery at summer camp after she’d injured her arm. She later confesses to her attorney she didn’t even win the award fairly. She convinced her bunkmate to shoot for her.

Alison in Court

Alison is found guilty and The Liars are also immediately arrested.

A is later seen pushing a toy corrections van with Liar dolls inside. Taking them right to jail. A then holds up a rose next to a tuxedo.

Score | 8/10Overall Thoughts: 
  • Man. This reveal better be worth it. I don’t think Andrew is A – at least I hope not – but he has to be involved in some capacity, right? Maybe as a minion. I’m guessing he showed up at the cabin to make sure (for A) that Mike would stay there, but when he saw Mike give Ezra and Caleb the slip, he took off after him. He was unreachable by phone when this all went down and later we learn he was a freaking boy scout with all kinds of outdoor training.
  • Do we think they’ll pull a “Mona isn’t really dead” reveal as well? I feel like that would be cheating since she looked very dead in that trunk.
  • Hmmm. Archery featured twice in the episode.
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