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Pretty Little Liars – S5E6 – Run, Ali, Run

Previously on Pretty Little Liars,Miss Me x 100′


Spencer continues to do what she does best: wear questionable outfits and demand answers. Toby was hurt when he went to check on his burning house so he was absent this episode. This left Spencer lots of time to ask questions at the wrong time and almost get Eddie fired from his job at Radley. Spencer’s looking for a link between Mrs. DiLaurentis being on the hospital’s board and the girl who was buried in Ali’s grave being a patient there. Well, another link besides that. While standing directly under a surveillance camera, Eddie tells Spencer he’d like to help her, but no.

Pretty Little Liars Spencer and Eddie

Spencer arranges a sit-down between her parents, but instead of reconciling, her parents agree that the dad should move out.


Hanna’s been blowing off poor Travis so that she can spend time with Ali, who’s afraid to be alone (Can you even blame her?), and secretly meet with Caleb. He’s STILL not talking about what happened in Ravenswood and I can only assume that means the show really sucked. When Hanna gets wind of Ali’s plans to leave town (again) because it’s too dangerous in Rosewood (again), she’s all too happy to help her friend go. Later, she admits to Caleb that she really wanted Ali gone because she doesn’t like the person she was when she was friends with Ali before. I really wish these girls would spend some time working on themselves and why they were the types of people they didn’t want to be and stop hanging it all on Ali. Don’t hate the player, ladies. Anyway, when Emily finds out about their plans, she puts a stop to that shit quick, fast, and in a hurry. Her boo thang ain’t going nowhere. Travis has had enough of Hanna’s inattentiveness and breaks up with her. Ray Charles saw that coming and he’s blind and dead.


Aria tells Ezra they can’t be the way they were before even though the sex last episode was really good. She doesn’t know if she can get past all the lies he told for years. When Spencer finds out about Ezra and Aria getting it on, she basically calls Aria a fool. Ezra decides to help the girls figure out what happened at Radley by going through the research he took for his book. Not a good way to remind Aria that you used her to get most of that info, dude.

When the state police lady comes to question Ezra about his connection to the place where Shana’s body was found, Aria listens from the other room. It’s heavily implied that she thinks Shana shot Ezra, but he plays it cool. Later, Ezra finds a crude drawing of Mrs. D. that the dead girl made. Who would give something like that to Ezra? He and Aria decide to check the security camera outside of his apartment. They figure out that it was Eddie and Aria goes to work at Radley to get inside info.

Pretty Little Liars S5E6 Girls in Kitchen


Emily confronts Paige about the people conspiring with Mona. She wants to know their names, but Paige won’t talk. She hates Ali something fierce. After Emily tells Paige that they suspect Mona and her helpers had something to do with the fire, that seems to soften Paige a bit. Emily shares with the other Liars that the new girl whose name I can’t remember is working with Mona. Paige finds a dead rat in her locker because snitches get stitches, bitches.


Ali gets a video text showing the dirt falling on her mother in the grave. The message, of course, is from A who points out that he/she watched as her mother was buried just as he/she watched when Mrs. DiLaurentis buried Ali. Harsh, A. Way harsh. This is when Ali remembers that someone is trying to kill her and that Rosewood may not be the best place for her. To be fair, when she agreed to come home, she thought A was dead. But that doesn’t really jive with the girls pointing out that Shana never specifically said she was A. If they were aware of that, why were they so sure A was dead?

Pretty Little Liars S5E6

When she goes to her house to get some stuff before taking off, she does so at night, without turning on a light… for reasons. A hooded figure attacks her and starts to choke her with the scarf she’s wearing. Emily saves the day. A later texts Ali that she will be killed if she leaves Rosewood. Damned if you do, Ali. Damned if you don’t. The state police lady wants to question Ali when her dad gets back into town. She questions the girls’ story about being in Philadelphia when Shana was killed.

Ali is understandably freaked out by A’s latest threat so she asks Emily if she could sleep over, promising that they’ll just sleep. Emily says yes and then stays up all night while Ali sleeps because Emily is adorable.

A gets decked out in all black, including a lace veil and prepares to take condolence flowers to the parents of Bethany, the dead girl buried in Ali’s backyard.

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