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Pretty Little Liars – S5E7 – The Silence of E. Lamb

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Run, Ali, Run’


Emily’s mom is back in town and she wants to have the girls over for dinner, but they’re preoccupied with all the usual drama. They have a pretty in depth conversation about said drama in the ladies room at school while Sydney was in one of the stalls. Really? They haven’t learned to check before talking about all of their deep dark secrets?

Pretty Little Liars Sydney

Emily learns about the rat in Paige’s locker and confronts Mona, who plays dumb yet suspicious. You know, Mona’s speciality. Mona continues to be all cryptic and bitchy when Emily finds her watching the work being done on Toby’s burned house.


After dinner, Emily’s mom admits that she wanted to see her and Alison together because she thought Emily might have had feelings for Alison. Emily says she did, but now it’s all complicated. She also tells Emily that the cops don’t buy Alison’s kidnapped story and maybe Emily should stop trying to save her.


Caleb and Alison both have to take exams: his to test out of school, hers to test back in. They don’t bond over that. In fact, Caleb pretty much thinks Alison is full of shit and doesn’t bother to hide it.


Hanna’s new look is apparently bitch-goth. And she doesn’t want to be friends with Alison anymore, but doesn’t want to deal with the custody battle over who gets to keep Emily, Aria, and Spencer. Caleb says she’ll always have him, but that’s just awkward since they broke up so he could be on that other show. After Caleb has a tense confrontation with Alison, Hanna jumps in his ass for upsetting her. Oh, and it seems Caleb came back with a drinking problem. And it might just be contagious.

Hanna covers when Emily asks about an empty beer bottle in her kitchen, but when she goes to dinner at Emily’s, Hanna sneaks some vodka. This is after Alison tells Hanna that Caleb is a hot ass mess and that maybe she should cool it with him. I’m sure Hanna will find a way to blame Alison for her budding drinking problem.

Alison and Hanna

When Emily discovers Hanna’s been drinking, she takes her keys and makes her walk home. Hanna stomps out telling Emily that she doesn’t buy any of Alison’s bull and Emily’s mom probably doesn’t either.

I hate pouty, drunk Hanna.

Hanna runs into Sydney at the coffee shop and agrees to share a cup of coffee and a panini. She’s clearly digging for info, but Hanna is too drunk to realize it and makes mention of being in New York. After Sydney leaves, Alison has a heart to heart with Caleb. She wants to start over and they kiss. I wonder if he can smell the liquor on her breath.


Aria’s working at Radley, trying to get info on the dead girl, Bethany, and her connection to Alison’s mom. Almost immediately she gets on the bad side of this patient who looks like she belongs on Orange Is the New Black. She was Bethany’s roommate so she’s allowed to be a bit cranky. Later, she accuses Aria of stealing that drawing, but before she can get answers out of her, Eddie Lamb interrupts.

Girl at Radley - Pretty Little Liars

That’s some serious side-eye.

Aria steals Bethany’s sketchbook from her roommate’s room and takes it to Spencer. The drawings start off pretty tame, but then delve into some twisted shit. They speculate that Bethany was the disturbed patient on the roof when Toby’s mother supposedly killed herself. They also think she left Radley and went looking for Mrs. D, but somehow ended up in that grave, possibly at the hands of A.

Eddie Lamb calls Ezra to arrange a meeting, but then he never shows.


Melissa’s back, cleaning out the guest house Spencer’s former Sober Buddy used to stay in. Spencer spots a dead rat which Melissa blames on the messy former tenant.

Somehow Spencer is tasked with helping Ezra clean out the files he gathered when he was all creeper. She asks to borrow one of his creeper cameras to spy on Melissa.

Ezra and Spencer

Spencer and Melissa each accuse each other of choosing sides in their parent’s problems. Melissa seems like she might be ready to open up to Spencer, but in the end, she’s keeping her secret. Spencer watches the camera feed as Melissa goes into the guest house and turns off the lights.

Later, the motion sensor on the camera tells Spencer someone is near the guest house and she pulls up the camera feed to see Alison. She sends out an S.O.S. and everyone shows up except Hanna. They note that Alison is wearing different clothes in the video than what she was wearing at Emily’s earlier. Then they get a text from A just as Hanna comes bopping in.

“New York, New York, it’s a helluva town. Alison’s keep secrets. Maybe it’s because of Hanna’s big mouth.”


A prepares an envelope for Emily’s mom. It’s an invitation to an engagement party for Zach and Ella. Who the hell are Zach and Ella?

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