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Pretty Little Liars – S5E8 – Scream For Me

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘The Silence of E. Lamb’ 


Ezra’s out of town in New York getting a medical check-up so he’s absent this episode, which is fine because Aria has family issues and Radley business to tend to. She’s honored her mother wants her to be maid of honor, but blows off a bridal fitting to deal with the sketchbook she stole from Radley. Rhonda busts her trying to get another look at it, but Aria is able to bribe some info out of her with root beer and cheetos. Mrs. DiLaurentis was signing Bethany out and taking her to a stables where she allowed the girl to adopt her own horse. Why was she being so nice to Bethany and buying her gifts?


Spencer doesn’t have too much to do this episode but laugh in poor Toby’s face when he announces he’s joining the Rosewood police department. After her scare at the stables later in the episode, she apologizes to Toby and encourages him to become the best damn cop he can be.


Emily tries to get Sydney to admit to all the crap Hanna blabbed about New York, but she plays it cool. Sydney does let it slip that everyone was going to ask Emily to be co-captain of the swim team. Later, Sydney stops by with a hoodie she ordered for Emily when she thought Emily was going to accept the position. She tries to slip in that Emily was in New York, but Emily coolly denies it and Sydney plays dumb.

Emily and Spencer head to the stables to get info on Mrs. DiLaurentis’ field trips with Bethany. They learn that on one of their visits, Bethany got so upset with Mrs. D. she threw a bucket at her. They’re later locked in a stall (by A?)after Spencer finds her sister’s riding helmet and then almost trampled by a spooked horse.

Pretty Little Liars S5E8


Hanna’s downward spiral continues. She’s showing up with food stuck in her hair and empty beer cans are falling out of her locker. She’s still acting out because Alison is back and she can’t deal. I’m really over this already.

When Alison works an invitation to stay at Hanna’s while her dad is out of town, Hanna manages to spend more time at Caleb’s to avoid her. This causes Alison to really bond with Mrs. Marin who feels sorry for all that Alison has been through. When Hanna stops at The Brew for a sandwich to wash down all the liquor, Zach makes a move on her. Spencer and Emily seem to doubt her story when she tells them so Hanna arranges to be alone with Zach again. This time, he’s pretty blatant with his creepiness. Hanna tells Aria, who definitely doesn’t believe her and she accuses Hanna of being a miserable drunk. She’s not wrong.

Pretty Little Liars S5E8 Alison


While at Hanna’s house, Alison stays up all night and misses school because she heard someone trying to get in the window. Whether or not this is a lie, we don’t know, but when Mrs. Marin finds out that Alison slept in the closet out of fear, she takes the day off to be with her. That night, someone tries to break into the house and scares the shit out of them. Now that Mrs. Marin is a witness, the cops are taking Alison’s story about being kidnapped seriously. And that’s exactly what Alison planned on when she asked Noel to break into Hanna’s house.

Pretty Little Liars Alison and Mrs. Marin

Man, when will the other Liars learn they’re not on Ali’s level?

A. walks past framed photos in what looks to be Spencer’s house? And then A lifts the cushion of a red leather chair to reveal something hidden.

Note: I realize now that the invitation A. had sent to Emily’s mom was for the engagement party of Zach and Ella, Aria’s mom.


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