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Pretty Little Liars – S6E12 – Charlotte’s Web

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Listen. Aria is shady as fuck. Will this show just make her guilty already? She’s so damn suspect that I’m still not convinced she’s not A. By episode’s end, Alison is also convinced one of the Liars may have killed her sister.

Images: Freeform

Images: Freeform


Remember how Detective Jailbait told the Liars to keep their asses in town? Well, Aria thinks the rules don’t apply to her and she flies back to Boston or New York or wherever, but not before telling Ezra to keep his damn mouth shut about seeing her the night Charlotte was murdered.

When she’s back at work – and back with her boyfriend/co-worker, Liam – Aria’s boss doesn’t want to hear about Ezra returning the book advance. She’d much rather have the book and make that money. She pulls Aria off the assignment and gives it to Liam, who has no idea his girlfriend used to bang Ezra when she was underage and he was her teacher.

Aria isn’t one for rules and carries her happy ass back to Ezra to tell him he really needs to finish the second book. He gives her a flash drive with what he has so far and it turns out it’s a bunch of info on dead girls. Yikes.


Emily is sick. With what? We don’t know, but she’s seeking daily treatment at a clinic and not telling anyone. She’s also broke and not in school since she lost her scholarship. No one knows that either. Well, maybe Sara does because she was lurking in the graveyard while Emily was pouring out her soul to her father’s grave.



Hanna’s fiancee is tall, hunky, and Australian. Or something. He has an accent and it’s hot. He also seems to be way too perfect which means he probably killed Charlotte.

Hanna uses her mother’s access to view the hotel security footage from the night Charlotte was killed. The Liars see that Aria met Ezra in the lobby, left with him, but returned alone about a half hour after Charlotte was killed.

Because they have zero chill, the Liars immediately confront Aria, who claims she and Ezra just walked around and talked. They did see Charlotte entering the church that night, but Aria now believes that Ezra lied when he said he immediately went home.

At this point, I was wondering why the hell Ezra would kill Charlotte. Yeah, A fucked with all of them, but I would imagine the Liars would have way more motive than Ezra. But it turns out that Ezra is just grieving Nicole’s disappearance and feeling some kinda way that she is most likely dead and Charlotte was just walking around a free woman. Okay.


To make matters worse, Spencer reveals that she wrote a paper on the perfect murder for a criminology class and she had Ezra proofread it. Guess what? Her paper’s murder mirrors Charlotte’s.

But hold the hell up. I buried the lede. Spencer and Caleb are totally going to bang, y’all.

And that ain’t right.


Pretty Little Liars S6E12
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I realize this show is always going to be a whodunit where everyone takes a turn being the prime suspect, but I love it. Ezra being suspected this soon means he’s definitely not the murderer, right? My money’s still on Aria.

What’s wrong with Emily? Whatever it is requires daily treatment/injections. We know she didn’t tell her mother about losing her scholarship because she was still a mess over losing her husband. It would stand to reason she’s keeping her illness a secret for that very same reason.

I’m giving a big NOPE to Spencer and Caleb, though I am happy he finally got a grown man haircut.

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