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Pretty Little Liars – S6E13 – The Gloves Are On

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Charlotte’s Web’


Hanna ruins a perfectly good spa day by talking about how she tampered with a police investigation when she deleted the hotel’s security footage, which showed that Aria met Ezra and didn’t return until after Charlotte was killed.

When Hanna finds out the police want to question her mother about the deleted footage, she scrambles to find an alibi for that night and eventually finds one in Lucas, who is living in Rosewood despite owning homes all over the world.

Lucas, come on.

Why You Lying

Not only is Lucas willing to lie for Hanna, he offers her a place to stay. And that’s not at all sketchy. But who can blame the guy since Hanna spends most of the episode walking around town like she’s ready to make herself at home because SHE’S WEARING A DAMN BATHROBE.

Oh, and she eats frozen concentrated orange juice straight from the can. No chaser.


Poor Emily. Not only does she have to worry about bumping into Sarah all.the.damn.time, but she has to explain to her mother how she lied about graduating from college and having a job. Despite promising her mother she would never keep a secret that makes her go through an ordeal alone, Emily doesn’t tell her mother that she’s injecting herself with hormone treatments to sell her eggs for cash.


Oh, yeah, Emily admits to Hanna that she’s getting hormone treatments to sell her eggs for cash.


Spencer starts off in denial about her feelings for Caleb – until Melissa reminds Spencer that her M.O. has been sleeping with guys who used to belong to women close to her. BOOP!

She tries to rock the vote for her mom, but ends up clashing with a reporter doing a story on her mother’s campaign.

After getting Hanna’s permission to give it to Caleb, Spencer does just that on her mama’s couch.


Aria is being entirely #TeamTooMuch when it comes to saving Ezra’s career and not-so-good name. She’s defending him to her boss and her friends, even after finding out that Ezra might have a drinking problem. It’s so bad that Radley the hotel that used to be a crazy house will no longer serve him liquor.


Instead of getting Ezra the real help he needs, she starts writing his book based on notes he has in a journal. Then she submits it to her boss, who loves it and so now Aria gotta write the whole damn book.

Considering how he yelled at the Liars when they confronted him about Charlotte’s death, it’s highly possible he’ll lose his entire shit when he finds out what Aria did.

Other Lies/Shade of Note:

  • Mona is now working for the campaign of Mrs. Hastings’ competition.
  • No Alison this week. She’s probably lying low so her friends won’t try to kill her, too.
Pretty Little Liars S6E13
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Did we see Sarah get electrocuted in the finale? I don’t remember that at all.

Hanna’s character is the most consistent. We know she had emotional issues before, so it makes sense that she might fall back into bad habits now that she’s finding herself scrambling to stay one step ahead of the police and protect her mother. Again.

I like Emily’s secret and that she’s so comfortable with her very personal decision.

How dumb was it for Hanna to ask someone she hasn’t seen in five years to be her alibi during a murder investigation?

Who’s this new A-like figure at the end?

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