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Pretty Little Liars – S6E16 – Where Somebody Waits For Me

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Do Not Disturb’


I have a feeling Hanna is going to get in her own way. She’s unemployed, but engaged to a fantastic man, who tends to see the bright of any situation. He’s supportive and honest, and wants Hanna to be truthful with him. It’s like he’s brand new or something! Clearly Jordan got to know the woman Hanna is becoming or was trying to become, but the old Hanna, the secret keeper and liar, has returned since she’s been back in Rosewood.

You know who understands that Hanna? Caleb.

Images: Freeform

Images: Freeform

After sharing a drink with Caleb, Hanna remembers the fight which led to their breakup. She was becoming more like the snobby people in the fashion industry (the woman Jordan met), and he didn’t feel good about the company she kept. It seems they eventually grew apart.

Will Hanna try to reconnect with Caleb, or will she remain committed to Jordan?


The clinic holding Emily’s eggs suffered a power malfunction and now Emily’s, (plus 30 other patients’) eggs are gone. She suspects that their emoji stalker/Sarah may be responsible.

Tanner approaches Emily at the cafe, and not so subtly implies that the Liars are homicide magnets. Rosewood hasn’t had a single murder in the five years the girls were gone. And even though she’d like nothing more than to get their jinxy asses out of town, she will do everything in her power to see that they don’t until the murderer is caught.


When Emily learns of the secret tunnel in Sarah’s hotel room (which Sarah could have been using to the leave the hotel and avoid security cameras), she goes down there hoping to find evidence that Sarah stole her eggs. All she finds is Spencer and Aria exploring.


Aria is so busted. Liam arrives in town to check on Ezra’s progress. Aria has no choice but to hand over the next chapters from Ezra’s book, chapters she wrote.

Liam likes it, but recognizes Aria’s writing style and a reference Aria made to someone they interacted with. He’s not mad, but he does wonder what Aria thought she was accomplishing. He advises her to finish the next chapter and they’ll re-assess what she should do when Ezra gets back.

Ezra returns home almost immediately and admits to Aria that he saw her parents together while Charlotte was being murdered. They asked him not to tell Aria, which is why he refused to give her an alibi for that.

Oh, and by the way: He has the next three chapters written. How the hell is going Aria going to conceal that she’s already sent the publisher the chapters wrote?



Caleb uncovered a file from the stolen phone data, and it shows that Mrs. Hastings’ competitor has copies of her medical records. Veronica has been sick and keeping it a secret, even from Spencer. The other campaign plans on leaking the info to the press.

Spencer learns Mona was behind her getting Yvonne’s phone and wanted her to find the file. She thinks what they’re doing to Mrs. Hastings is wrong and warns Spencer to have her mother break the news herself. This is the same advice that Caleb gives Spencer.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#4a7097″ class=”” size=””]”Secrets are getting toxic again.” – Aria[/pullquote]

Alison confides in Spencer that she fell in love with Elliot while he was caring for Charlotte. She doesn’t to keep it a secret anymore. Spencer reminds her that life is short and she should go for it. And go for it she does.

Spencer starts to tell her mother about the leak and confront her about keeping her illness a secret. But once she sees how confident her mother is, she changes her mind.

Caleb approaches Mona in an elevator and warns her not to hurt Spencer. Mona’s reply to ask who’s a better kisser? Spencer, Hanna, or her.

Wait. What?

When Spencer finds a piece of Melissa’s suitcase is missing – a piece that happens to match the murder weapon – she realizes her mother’s campaign may have another problem.

Pretty Little Liars S6E16
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I am not a fan of Caleb threatening a woman with physical violence. And is this kiss between them something we’re hearing for the first time?

Something really terrible has to happen to Elliot, right? Something that will make Alison flip out. I hope so, because her character has gotten boring.

I’m conflicted on the missing eggs storyline, but I’ll wait until we learn a bit more before I criticize it.

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