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Pretty Little Liars – S6E17 – We’ve All Got Baggage

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Where Somebody Waits For Me’


Hanna is busy helping Mrs. Montgomery become Mrs. Montgomery again, so much so that she’s purposely avoiding Jordan’s calls. Seems Hanna is also have second thoughts about a past love. It’s written all over her face when she sees Caleb and Spencer together.

Since she learned from Emily that Spencer is suspicious of Melissa, Hanna tells Spencer and Caleb about an encounter she had with Melissa a few years ago. Melissa was dumped by Wren because Charlotte called him and told him about what Melissa did to Bethany.

By episode’s end, Hanna calls Jordan back and leaves a message that she has set a date for their wedding, and she tells him she loves him. And I actually believed her!


Emily gets Hanna and Alison to sneak into Sara’s room so they can show Alison the secret tunnel. Once they’re in the closet, there is no hole in the wall and Emily looks crazy. They dip out past a hotel maid, who removes her wig, glasses, and face when they leave. When Emily tries to get Spencer to go back with her, she refuses.

The Emoji Stalker sends Emily a book of baby names and a warning.

While at Hollis, Emily befriends a fellow student, Damian, who later turns out to be a reporter working her for a story. Emily doesn’t let on that she knows.

Images: Freeform

Images: Freeform

Emily is out in the middle of no-goddamn-where when she’s terrorized by someone in a loud-ass monster truck. She had the murder weapon (Melissa’s suitcase handle), but loses it to the person in the truck. Later, she tells Hanna there’s more than one person after them.


Aria’s freaking out because Ezra is busy writing chapters and she hasn’t told him what she did. Liam encourages her to tell the truth. Ezra is surprisingly understanding and wants to read what Aria wrote for himself, and he doesn’t think they should tell the publisher the truth. Later, he inadvertently reveals his past romantic relationship with Aria to Liam, who doesn’t take the news well.

Liam might have cause to worry (in addition to being lied to), because when Ezra tells Aria she submitted the chapters out of love, she doesn’t correct him.

PLL S6E17 - Aria and Dad

Aria’s father asks her to perform the wedding ceremony and she reluctantly agrees to after getting certified online. She also learns Mike isn’t coming to the wedding because he still hasn’t forgiven their father for cheating the first time they were married. Hard to really fault Mike for that.

After she marries her parents, Liam arrives at the ceremony and the two reconcile.


Alison admits to Elliot that the night Charlotte died, she was angry with her. Alison told her about her feelings for Elliot left the house upset. She feels she delivered her sister to the person who killed her. He’s sure that if Charlotte was mad at anyone it was him since he was her doctor. He proposes and Alison says yes.

Okay. Timeout. This guy is either a bad guy or he’s not long for this world. There has to be something more. Otherwise, zzzzzzz.

Either way, they  show up on Aria’s doorstep asking her to marry them as well.


After Caleb infects the competition’s computer system, he assures her they won’t be able to leak her mother’s medical records. Still, Spencer convinces her mother to come clean about the cancer since she’s running on a platform of transparency.

Someone leaked a story to the press about an abortion Yvonne had, and Mrs. Hastings’ campaign is investigated for doing it. They determine the leak came from Spencer’s IP address. Caleb takes the blame, leaves the campaign, and moves out of the Hastings’ house in the span of fifteen minutes.

Pretty Little Liars S6E17
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Things really need to pick up. This threat doesn’t feel intimidating at all. I’m bored and the characters seem bored as well. However, I am curious to see how Toby reacts to his fiancee’s business being leaked by the Hastings’, Caleb specifically. Will Caleb let him in on the fact that they’re all being blackmailed?

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