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Pretty Little Liars – S6E18 – Burn This

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘We’ve All Got Baggage’

Images: Freeform

Images: Freeform


Damn near everyone on the show jumped in Spencer’s ass this week. First, her father chews her out for what he thinks Caleb did to the other campaign, Toby is furious at her and Caleb for the same reason, and Mona blames Spencer for losing her job.

It made no sense that Spencer wouldn’t just tell Toby that Caleb was innocent. Let’s not pretend Toby is a dedicated officer. He’d keep quiet about their Sara Harvey suspicions and wouldn’t hate his best friend. Also, it would have saved Caleb a busted lip.

Spencer’s dad decides he wants to try actually being a parent now that Spencer is, like, 23. He demands she cut Caleb out of her life. She still defends Caleb and questions her father about allowing Melissa to leave the country, knowing she’s a murderer. Mr. Hastings confesses that Melissa was being blackmailed by someone who claimed to have video of Melissa burying Bethany. Since Melissa dropped off the first payment while Charlotte was locked up, the Liars assume it’s the same person who’s currently blackmailing them.

Spencer asks her dad why he didn’t go to the cops when Melissa was threatened and I was like, “What show have you been watching, Spencer?”

We do learn what instigated the breakup between her and Toby via flashbacks. They had a pregnancy scare which forced them each to admit some hard truths about their sinking relationship. In present day, Toby meets with Spencer to finally tell him the truth about their emoji stalker. She couldn’t have him thinking she’d do that Yvonne considering they decided to abort their pregnancy.

Later, Spencer leaves Yvonne a voicemail apology with an offer to lend an ear should Yvonne ever need one.


Emily finds out the weird noise she heard when she was being chased the night before was something special annoying people did to their tires. So, she heads to the auto repair shop run by the Sons of Anarchy. The owner is super fucking cranky, rude, and creepy for no good reason. He just is. Emily spots the car that chased her, and the owner admits that he lent the car out the night before, but says it wasn’t Melissa when Emily shows him her photo.


Hanna loses it when Ashley says she offered Caleb a spare room at the house on account of him being homeless. She accuses her mother of not liking Jordan as much as she likes Caleb, and says Ashley always compared her guys to him. Hanna stops projecting long enough to attend the bridal shower Ashley throws for her, a party that Mona awkwardly crashes.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more cringeworthy, the Liars flunk a game of questions about Jordan and Hanna. It seems none of them know anything about the couple.

The party comes to a fiery halt when the alarm systems goes bonkers, the lights turn out, and fire comes out of nowhere to knock Aria on her ass. While in the waiting room of the hospital, Ashley confront Hanna about how she treats Mona like shit.


Ezra came clean to the publisher and asked if Aria could be his co-author on the book. She says yes and everyone is thrilled. Except Liam. He’s pissed. Ezra and Aria are having a fun creative session when Lt. Tanner drops by and asks Aria stand in a lineup. They have an eyewitness that spotted someone matching her description using the phone that called Charlotte. And Aria does it! Has she learned nothing from the past six seasons?


She’s not picked, but she is convinced that Sara was the eyewitness (which makes it even stupider that she’d agree to a line-up at all, let alone without an attorney). She confronts Tanner, who won’t reveal the witness. Then she says more stuff that proves she’s a terrible cop. Aria manages to see part of the witness’ statement before she leaves.

After the accident at the party, Aria is in the hospital with second-degree burns. At the hospital Ezra arrives to stay the night with Aria, and she comes thisclose to telling him about their new stalker. They share a few tender moments before Liam arrives and Ezra excuses himself.


Based on something Aria saw in the witness’ report, Emily suspects Mona may have made the call to Charlotte and confronts her about it. Meanwhile, the mechanic cleans off the front-end damage to the car and takes a stack of cash hidden in a wheel well.

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While it appears as though things will pick up next week as we head into the finale, this week was still a bit stale and repetitive. Despite the fact that Tanner knows the girls were victims before, she still treats them like suspects. Though, to her credit, they are constantly behaving suspiciously.

And I suppose that’s the root of the problem with this stretch of episodes. It all feels done before and no one has learned from their mistakes.

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