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Pretty Little Liars – S6E19 – Did You Miss Me?

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Burn This’

Images: Freeform

Images: Freeform


Jillian comes to town to meet with Ezra and Aria and to ensure they’re on track to finishing the book. And it seems that they are when Ezra opens up to Aria about the last time he saw _____ alive. The passage in the book isn’t the way it really happened. It wasn’t sweet or romantic. They actually had a fight and he drove off without looking back. Aria decides they should tell the version that makes for the best story. She also opens up to him about the new A in town.


While on her honeymoon with Elliot, Alison takes a tumble down a flight of stairs and suffers a concussion. They’re both convinced it was an accident due to a high heel meeting a creased carpet, but when Hanna visits Alison in the hospital, she sees a cryptic card from A among Alison’s flowers. Hanna pockets the card and heads home with a plan to stop the madness.


Alison is not only oblivious to this, she’s also feeling content and hopeful about her future with Elliot. She worried that the fall was the universe lashing out because she’s been so happy, but a ghost-dream of her mom assures her that Elliot is the man for her and that all will be well.

Girl, for that to be true you should probably move far, far away from Rosewood. And change your name.



Emily doesn’t have much to do this week. She confronts Mona about her involvement with Sara and the new A, and later she spots Mona speaking with the guy who helped Sara at Charlotte’s funeral.

Then she does a lot of pacing and finger wagging because she’s sure Hanna’s plan is a hot-ass mess.


Hanna and Caleb decide to draw out A by having Hanna confess to Charlotte’s murder. To test out whether anyone will believe it, Hanna calls Spencer over and admits she killed Charlotte. Spencer buys it immediately. But Hanna’s cruel way of delivering the news of the plan isn’t what has Spencer the most upset. She’s side-eye’ing how close Hanna and Caleb are as they tell the others they will go through with this plan whether they support it or not.

Once everyone is on board – tentatively or otherwise – Hanna sends A a text: Leave my friends alone. I killed Charlotte.

Pretty Little Liars S6E19
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So, here’s what needs to happen:

Elliot and Alison need to move and be happy and boring somewhere else. And we’re really supposed to think A had something to do with the janky carpet at Alison’s honeymoon B&B? Girl, bye.

Aria and Ezra just need to bone and get it over with.

Emily needs to find something, anything to do.

I’m about 99.9% sure Tanner can’t stop these grown-ass women with jobs, wedding plans, and lives to stay in town while she does a really shitty job at finding yet another killer. So, Hanna needs to take her ass home and get married. Because the sexual chemistry between Spencer and Caleb is HOT.

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