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Pretty Little Liars – S6E20 – Hush, Hush, Sweet Little Liars

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Did You Miss Me?’

This review will contain spoilers for the season finale of Pretty Little Liars: Hush, Hush, Sweet Little Liars.

This show is so damn ridiculous. Ever since the A reveal, the show has attempted to recreate the formula from the first few seasons instead of doing anything new – and that’s disappointing. The closest it came to really shaking things up (besides the five-year time jump) was separating all the original couples and placing them with new loves. Unfortunately, most of that seems to be on its way to being undone by the end of this season finale.

Ezra and Aria continue to have one of the most unrealistic experience in becoming a successful published author. Her boss loves both of their chapters, and will be putting a lot of marketing around it, including sequels, prequels, and movie deals. I mean, I guess.

This good news doesn’t bring the typical response because Ezra views the book as finally accepting the fact that he’ll never see his missing girlfriend again. You mix that with the fact that Aria wrote her chapters not from the perspective of his girlfriend, but from her own feelings for Ezra, it’s no surprise the two end up in bed. (For the first time I can remember, I actually scrunched up my face watching a love scene.) They always feel so statutory rapey to me.

Things are further complicated by the fact that each ex-couple has somehow managed to work together to catch A-moji (Yes, Caleb called her that. Finally. I’ve been calling her the Emoji Stalker all half season.). Toby skips being with Yvonne and her family on election night to go into the secret Radley room with Spencer.

Images: Freeform

Images: Freeform

Hanna and Caleb reconnect while waiting for A-moji to bite on the Hanna bait. She admits that the night she walked out on him, she actually changed her mind and returned almost immediately, but Caleb had already gone… and she never stopped loving him. This kiss definitely spells trouble for him and Spencer as Spencer told Caleb she loved him earlier in the day, and he threw up deuces in response.

The only one with a normal relationship fears she may be losing her mind. Alone because Elliot went out of town for work, Alison finds herself running from dead people from her past: Wilden and her mother, and this time her mom comes off creepy instead of loving. Afraid she’s suffering a mental break, Alison admits herself into the hospital.

Unfortunately for Alison, she’s not going crazy. While she’s locking herself away, the other Liars learn that Charlotte’s mother was Mary Drake, Mrs. DiLaurentis’ twin sister. Charles was adopted by Alison’s parents and later transitioned to Charlotte as we learned in the first half of this season. Convinced that Hanna is truly responsible for killing her daughter, Mary Drake successfully grabs Hanna right from under the others’ noses.

And she had help. The person posing as Wilden is none other than Elliot, teaming up with Mary Drake to get revenge for Charlotte, his true love. Oh, and he now owns 50% of the Carissimi Group thanks to his committed wife.


Nope, Alison isn’t crazy. You know what’s crazy? This show.

This show is crazy, y’all. And we still don’t know who killed Charlotte.

Pretty Little Liars S6E20
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At least I got one wish: Elliot is now interesting. Though, I don’t like the fact that Alison was written to have sex with her abuser/stalker and she doesn’t even know it. And I’m not confident the show has the finesse to deal with the inevitable emotional fallout from that.

I am legit conflicted on the Hanna/Caleb/Spencer relationship. I always thought it was in poor taste that Spencer starting seeing Caleb, even though Melissa pointed out this is Spencer’s M.O. and we all know Spencer gonna Spencer. Still, I cannot deny that Troian Bellisario and Tyler Blackburn have sizzling chemistry. But then he kisses Hanna and I’m reminded that he has excellent chemistry with Ashley Benson as well.

You know what never gets old? Mona showing up someplace she clearly isn’t wanted, but she ends up being an asset because Mona is smarter than all these fools.

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