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Pretty Little Liars – S6E4 – Don’t Look Now

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Songs of Experience’

Who’s Charlie?

Alison meets with the Liars and tells them Charles is her brother.

Via Flashback: Mr. DiLaurentis admits Charles was born 15 months before Jason. He was mentally unstable and it became too dangerous for him to be around Alison and Jason. They committed him to Radley and then moved to town to be close to him. Jason is furious they allowed him to think his brother was imaginary. Alison accuses Charles of being A., but her father insists Charles committed suicide in Radley when he was 16. This news stuns the Liars.

Hanna immediately says Mr. DiLaurentis is a lying liar who lies. Alison defends her father saying he wouldn’t lie to protect someone trying to hurt them. The girls want proof Charles is really dead. Mrs. DiLaurentis supposedly had him cremated. It seems Radley is their best bet, but Radley has been shut down.

The next day, Alison asks her father about Charles’ ashes – they were spread at a lake and he didn’t have a funeral. He admits to Alison it was a relief when Charles died because it meant they didn’t have to worry anymore.


Caleb sits up all night while Hanna sleeps. He’s been watching the cops sitting outside all night. When Hanna says he doesn’t have to watch over her, he insists.


Sarah is still staying at Emily’s. She’s making steps forward (Hey, new haircut and color!), but clearly still affected – she dodges Emily’s mom’s attempt at getting her to speak to Dr. Sullivan. Emily doesn’t have the same luck. She was firing a gun a few days ago so her ass is going to therapy.


Aria takes to Google to find info on Charles, but comes up blank. Her father informs her Tanner wants to meet with the girls now that Andrew has been cleared. She probably also wants to confront Aria for saying she saw Andrew when she was being held. Her dad wants to talk, but Aria never wants to talk about what happened. Then she lies about somewhere she needs to be and refuses a ride.

These girls are itching to be kidnapped again!


Spencer’s at the coffee shop, on the phone and trying to find out where Radley sent their old patient files. Patients who went to another hospital took their files with them. Everything else was sent to a facility for shredding. When Ezra’s new weed-smoking waitress knocks over a red beverage, Spencer has a flashback to waking up covered in blood when she was held captive.

The Liars decide to go to the storage facility and scope out the place while Spencer asks for her records. But first, she needs to search through the trash outside of Aria’s house when she learns Aria tossed her anxiety meds. Spencer is a fiend!

Spencer goes through trash

When they get to the storage building, Spencer is denied her records unless her doctor requests them. At least they know the files haven’t been shredded. Workers leave the back door open, and the girls sneak inside. They eventually find Charles’ file, but there’s not much there, just that he was on heavy antidepressants and the only people who ever visited him were his mom and his Aunt Carol, but she’s died when the girls were in the 10th grade. They leave and bump right into Caleb.

Pretty Little Liars - S6E4

Caleb chews out Hanna for lying and putting herself in danger. Aria’s father does the same. Spencer’s nerve are now truly shot so she awkwardly asks the new waitress if she’ll sell her some of her medicinal marijuana. The girls says no; she’ll give Spencer a care package the next day.

Emily’s mom is worried about Sarah after finding her on the roof. Emily begs her mother not to send Sarah back. The next morning, Sarah is gone. When Emily finds her, she takes her to the pool for a little nighttime swim. Sarah thanks Emily for helping her feel better and I am not here for this shit AT ALL.

Aria is in the dark room at the school, processing photos, when she finds a note from A.

You’re my doll, bitch. – A

She remembers refusing to dye her hair as Charles wanted so he cut off her hair while she was sleeping. He left a note telling her she’d lose it all if she didn’t dye it with the red streaks. So, that explains her season one hair upon rescue! Suddenly, she can’t get out of the room. She’s rescued by a cute guy who’s also a photographer. He admires some of Aria’s photos and then gives her one of his to remember him by. Ooooh. Aria gonna be down with the swirl!


Alison shows Jason Charles’ file. When he sees Carol’s name, he remembers wanting to stay at her house after she’d died, but he found his mother already there. She was acting mad suspicious and wouldn’t let him in the house. They speculate that maybe Charles was still alive and their mom was hiding him at Carol’s.

Hanna, Spencer, Alison, and Jason visit the house, but don’t find anything inside. They decide to split up (which made me laugh out loud and pause it to marvel how reckless they’re being) and check the perimeter of the property… in the dark.

Alone with Hanna, Spencer admits she doesn’t remember everything that happened when they were held. She tells Hanna about waking up in blood and Hanna insists it was just Charles playing mind games.

Jason finds a headstone behind the house. It’s Charles’. Hanna’s not buying it and starts to dig to prove there’s no coffin there. Alison protests; she can’t disturb her dead brother’s (who she didn’t know existed three days ago) grave. Jason puts a stop to it when he points out there are roots growing all around the headstone. There’s no way it was placed there recently.

When they get home, Spencer and Hanna wonder if A is someone Charles knew from Radley.

Score | 7.5/10Wrap Up

Aria finally opens up to her dad and tells him how her cell was made to look like her bedroom at home. Caleb confronts Hanna about sneaking around and lying, and she tells him they should take a break. Ezra sees Spencer picking up her pot cookies and warns that they won’t help.

Alison’s dad tells her why they had Charles committed: When she was 11 months old, Charles put her in a tub of scalding water and then watched as she screamed – that’s where he found her with Charles standing there like it was no big deal. Alison doesn’t want to hear it. She wants her brother to rest in peace.

Meanwhile, A. is eating candy and checking the locations of the tracers on the girls. Unbothered as fuck. They’re all at home except Emily. She’s pinging at the community pool.

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