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Pretty Little Liars – S6E5 – She’s No Angel

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘Don’t Look Now’

creepy dancer

This week’s episode starts off with Spencer making her way through a dark, dungeon-looking place and stumbling upon a strange girl in a dirty white pajama dress. She’s like a cross between Samara from The Ring and the dancing girl from the Sia videos (okay, so a Google search informed that it is the Sia dancer). She creepily dances across an abandoned bathroom of sorts then disappears. Spencer finds a worn, dirty pair of slippers with the name “C. DiLaurentis” written on the side as an ominous shadow looms outside the room behind her. Well shit. Obviously, this is just a dream, but damn that was creepy. Way to open an episode, PLL. Giving AHS a run for its money on that one.

Spencer discusses the dream / nightmare with Aria, who is of no help in trying to uncover what it might mean. Aria tries to convince Spencer to accept the valedictorian title, which Spencer is sure was bought and paid for by mommy dearest (because the girl has been in class for about 20 minutes the last two years) and she chomps on some cannabis cookies before racing out the door.

Sitting in Hanna’s kitchen silently (and in sunglasses though she’s both indoors and not blind) is Mona. MONA! Finally, she’s back! And while “A” is still out there, Mona is more worried about Alison. And about being arrested for being “not dead.” She asks Hanna for a ride to the precinct on her way to school to give her statement. It sure was nice of the Rosewood PD to allow her that extended trip to the spa before her statement.

Sarah / Miley Cyrus tells Emily she has to go home, but Emily says she should get emancipated instead. Oh Emily, I love it when you’re irrational. They go see Caleb (since he’s emancipated himself) and he breaks the harsh truth on them, but Emily pushes back. Damn. This girl loves to separate a girl from her parents. First Paige, now Sarah.

Aria’s photo buddy (Clark) pays her a visit and asks her to come with him to a junkyard out on Route 47 to take some photos. Sounds safe (not). She says no at first, but then he lures her with talk of a contest and she agrees. Ali’s dad tries to get her out of the house but she sassily declines. She complains that the cops are “dissing” her and he tells her to suck it up. But he’s right. Everyone in town has “dissed” Ali at some point. She should be used to it by now. At the coffee shop, Mona and Hanna bump into a livid Leslie. Leslie lays the verbal smack down and waltzes out.

At school, Hanna and Spencer catch up while Spencer chomps on her cookies. Hanna knows exactly what’s in those baked goodies and calls her out. Spencer denies it, but Hanna ain’t no fool. Well, not this time at least. Later, Spencer attends some sort of addict support meeting and tries to sneak away with a brownie and a donut before she’s not so politely told to calm her munchies down until the meeting is over. That brownie really did look good, though.

Aria and Clark are at the “junk yard” which looks more like an abandoned pawn shop (aren’t junk yards for broken down cars?). Anyway, he asks her out, but Aria says she “isn’t dating for a while.” Well, I guess we’ll have to wait for Ezra and Aria to get back together (which they will, it’s, like, fate) but Clark will not be the one to fill the space. Not that I necessarily want him to. He sort of stalked her by finding her in her dad’s office, invited her out to the middle of nowhere to a junk yard, and then took pictures of her. Then he admits he recognized her from TV. Methinks he might be the seemingly innocent guy who is really a sadistic weirdo behind the scenes. It’s just so hard to find a normal guy in Rosewood, after all.

Officer Handsome convinces Ali to take part in the soccer camp – out in the woods, because the woods have served Ali so well thus far. They flirt, but daddy DiLaurentis breaks that up pretty quick, which should just entice Ali even more. Nothing is sexier than daddy disapproval. And those luscious lips of his. But I digress.

aria photos

Back in the dark room, Clark and Aria develop the photos they took. Aria thinks he inadvertently got a picture of “A” and Emily (via quick cell phone chat) tells Aria to just “borrow” the pics so they can examine them. Emily goes back to Sarah and Caleb, and Caleb hires Sarah for his web design company (his what?) so she can claim employment on her emancipation paperwork. That’s kind of genius actually. I love Caleb.

Hanna and Leslie meet up at the coffee shop and squash their beef. Aria steals Clark’s negatives before they leave the dark room. Spencer gets a ride home from her cute addict friend (who we’re supposed to know, but I don’t recall him. He is cute though and bears a resemblance to Toby, but with a rugged “I’m sort of broken and troublesome” edge. Me like) and asks him to throw away the last of her cannabis cookies. She sees Mona leaving a card for Ali in the DiLaurentis mailbox and stops to chat with her. Mona claims she knows nothing about the creepy dancer or the tile room, but the look on her face when Spencer walks away says otherwise.

sarah tattoo

Emily meets Sarah outside some offices and Sarah decides to get a tattoo to celebrate her pending emancipation. She chooses a bird flying out of a cage and then convinces Emily to get a tattoo of her own. She opts for the Chinese symbol for “courage” and to place it near the “good China.”

Meanwhile, Spencer and Hanna are in Radley trying to find and steal Charles DiLaurentis’ records. On the wall, Spencer sees a painting of what looks somewhat like the creepy dancer girl and then they stumble upon the creepy bathroom. Which is, of course, where they find Charles’ files. Turns out that Charles is really dead. And there’s a body in the tub beside them. But relax, it’s just a resuscitation doll. It still scared the ever loving crap out of them – and me – and has successfully continued the “creepy” theme this episode has nailed thus far. *shiver*

Aria investigates the negatives and finds out that yes, Clark did take a photo of “A.” It’s just a hooded black shadow, but it’s a hooded shadow with sizable breasts. “A” is a girl? Honestly, it better be, because I have a hard time believing a man can be this savvy, this dedicated, this sneaky, this snarky and this damn good for so long.

Officer Handsome pays Ali another visit and they finally kiss. It’s inappropriate (and illegal) as hell, but it’s sweet. Until daddy comes home. Oh shit. Talk about some bad timing.

As Emily is getting inked, the text from Aria about “A” comes in and Sarah spies it and flips out. Sarah has seen the same “A”, or at least the same black hoodie. Then she runs off. Emily catches up to her and says they’ve been trying to protect her, but Sarah is pissed about being lied to and wants to protect herself. They see a hooded black shadow and run like the wind.

At Radley, Hanna and Spencer hear some strange sounds and as they try to take off, they bump right into Mona. She knew they would be there, so she picked a stupid time to break in herself, but she was there to get Leslie’s files. Okay, so who wasn’t locked up at Radley? It’s likely that Leslie knew Charles when he was there. She also shared a room with Bethany Young. How convenient. I knew that sass-mouthed ginger was more than meets the eye. And now so do the Liars. Dun, dun, dun. Things. Just. Got. Interesting.

The episode closes with Mona telling Leslie that “they know” and Leslie losing her shit over how Mona always “screws everything up” and our favorite black-gloved weirdo creating a pink and black bob on a tennis ball. That’s not weird or creepy at all…

For me, this was the best episode of the season so far. I love the new twists and angles and I love that the Liars are back in seek and destroy mode. I’m happy to see Mona back (and up to no good) and I love the new boys hanging around. Just when I think they really can’t go anywhere else or do anything more with the elusive “A”, they suck me right back in. Well done, PLL. As always.

Until next week.

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