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Pretty Little Liars – S6E6 – No Stone Unturned

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘She’s No Angel’

Last week, in the absence of PLL, I kept myself busy by going to the gym. I know, I know. It’s crazy. But not to worry, PLL is back this week and I can go back to more sensible things like eating an ice cream sandwich made up of coffee ice cream, a brownie top and a chocolate chip cookie bottom. On to the episode…

We open up with Spencer letting Emily in on their Lesli Stone suspicions. Emily isn’t sold on the idea and leaves to get to her therapy appointment when Hanna busts in. Mona is on lockdown and can’t help them. This girl has gotten away with, like, all the things. But she can’t escape being grounded? Oh-kay.

Pretty Little Liars S6E6 - EmilyAt the DiLaurentis house, Daddy D finds a birthday card he is none too happy about on his car. Emily happens by at that exact moment – the Liars have the most impeccable timing – and he demands information Em doesn’t have. Wonder what was in that card. Perhaps it was from “A.”

While Aria is trying to sneak the negatives back into Clark’s cubby, he pops up. Apparently everyone in Rosewood has impeccable timing. He asks her out for a bagel and she declines. Hanna does some snooping and finds out Lesli is a T.A. in a science lab. So she has easy access to chemicals and lab supplies and knows her science. Of course. Caleb and mom come home and she bails to head to Philly, declining a ride from Caleb and not so much as a goodbye kiss. Girl – he is hotter than hot, and your mom is learning how he likes his eggs. Tread lightly.

At Emily’s, Miley – er, Sarah – is debating what to wear to Caleb’s “office.” She changes in front of Emily and shows off her recent tattoo (and it’s looking slightly infected, by the way) but then needs help with some lotion. I smell some lesbian experimenting coming on. Um, figuratively, of course.

The cute AA sponsor (Dean) drops by Spencer’s to bring her a book and a box of brownies. Good Lord, that’s marriage material right there. She whines about her “problems” for a bit before she has to go meet Hanna. Spencer hooks up with all the guys who enter her kitchen, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of this fella.

Caleb’s “office” is really his bedroom. Sex / love deprived Caleb is solo in his bedroom with a lonely, sad, weird girl and working closely together. Yep, this should go well. Sarah asks him questions about Alison, but Caleb doesn’t say much.

Pretty Little Liars S6E6 - Spencer and HannaAlone in Philly, Hanna hustles / flirts her way into getting the keys to Lesli’s Range Rover – worst. valet. ever. And then she straight up steals it. But she tells Spencer she’s just borrowing it. Spencer arrives and they rummage through it, taking the key card to the science lab and wonder why she has wire cutters and multiple pairs of fake glasses in her ride. More disturbingly, she has cages in her trunk large enough to hold humans. I mean, who doesn’t right?

A girl named Nicole Goddard comes into the coffee shop looking for Emily. They met working on a housing project in Haiti. Of course. But the two of have lost touch and Nicole knows nothing of Emily’s current life. Emily is busy at the junkyard with Aria finding and learning nothing. Except Clark, who is back to take more pictures since his were stolen. Emily leaves to meet Nicole, and Clark offers to take Aria home. I’m telling you: my radar is pinging about this guy. Watch out ,Aria.

Turns out, Nicole is in town to invite Emily to an 8-week project in Thailand. Emily is hesitant at first and then jumps on board, even asking to bring a friend. On the other side of the shop, Caleb (who is reading a book called “When Love Goes Toxic”) bumps into Ashley. They chat about Hanna. Uh, awkward. If my boyfriend ever reads this: please do not speak to my mom about me or our relationship. Just…ew. But their chat seems to help and Caleb seems happier, so okay.

Ezra pops by Aria’s with the photo competition application she’d forgotten at the coffee shop. And an embellished letter of recommendation that he took upon himself to write for her. Awww. Just get back together already! As inappropriate as it was for so long, now it’s just weird to have them apart. Ezra spies the creepy doll Aria found at the junkyard peeking out of her purse. Really, Aria? You couldn’t even tuck it in? It’s like she wants to be caught.

When Spencer gets home, Dean is waiting for her – unreasonably upset with her. He claims it’s because he was just that worried about her, but the girl was just eating a few pot cookies, not mainlining black tar heroin. Take it down a notch, sir. But the guilt trip works and she invites him in for “coffee.” He declines because he wants her so badly he might just forget the fact that she has a boyfriend and have his way with her. Oh, just do it! Her and Toby don’t have a relationship anymore and now that Toby is “normal” it’s not even sexy. Go for it, Spence! But she just lets him leave.

Caleb pops up at Hanna’s. Again. And they yell a little bit but then have some long overdue make-up sex. Get it, girl. At Emily’s, Sarah is furiously cleaning up her blood from the floor. A car tried to run her down and she thinks it was Lesli’s Range Rover. But Emily says don’t worry, we’re going to Thailand! Except Sarah can’t leave the country. So Emily tells Nicole that she can’t go after all. And Nicole points out the obvious: Emily’s developing feelings for Sarah. See: Told ya.

Aria, Spencer and Hanna (dang, that session must’ve been a real quickie. I guess Caleb hadn’t gotten it in a while) break into the science lab and they hear a horrible screeching every time they move. Spencer figures out that they have tracking chips implanted in their body. Yikes. That’s freaky as hell. But also completely logical.

lab photo

While they inspect the lab, Hanna decides to set all the animals free. Including one particularly feral little raccoon. This raccoon is not like Disney’s Pocahontas led me to believe they are. The lights go out and a desk lamp pops on. And there is Mona. She claims she’s there to protect them. She says Lesli wasn’t friends with either Charles or Bethany. That Bethany and Charles snuck out the night Ali went missing. Supposedly Charles had died by then, but Mona says the files were a lie: there’s no way anyone would want his organs considering the medications he was on. Oooh, good point. I hadn’t thought of that! This show is so deceptively brilliant sometimes.

Pretty Little Liars S6E6 - Mona

Hanna goes to Emily’s and lets her know about the chip and the fact that Charles is still alive. Spencer goes to her AA meeting and stares at the conspicuously empty chair in the front row – presumably Dean’s because I guess this meeting has assigned seats. At the coffee shop, Nicole and Ezra get a little cozy while Aria spies them from the window. I don’t hate it. Ezra needs some action. Lord knows Aria’s gotten some of her own in their time apart. It’s Ezra’s turn. So long as he comes back to Aria in the end. When Emily gets home, she inspects a sleeping Sarah’s neck to look for the chip, but Sarah wakes up and they make out. I called that one!

We close the episode strong. Daddy D is digging up Charles’ grave. That card he got? It says “Daddy, Coming home for my birthday. You should plan a party to die for. – Charles.”

I mean, whaaaaat? So good! I was missing Ali (Okay, I was missing Officer Handsome more than her) and wish we got some more details on Lesli, but that was another stellar episode. I didn’t know where this Charles storyline was going, but they’re sucking me in deeper and deeper each episode, just like they always do. Do I think this Charles kid is “A”? Nope. But I do believe he’s batshit crazy and I love me some crazy people! Can’t wait until next week!

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