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Pretty Little Liars – S6E7 – O Brother, Where Art Thou

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘No Stone Unturned’

toby spencer

Toby returns from his “police seminar” but Spencer “really has to go” so the world’s most awkward and half-assed relationship remains as awkward and half-assed as ever. But Leslie doesn’t show to the group meeting Spencer off for. Emily and Sarah have a non-talk about their makeout session, sort of deciding to make it a one-time thing – which means they’ll be making out later that night.

Officer handsome goes looking for Ali and Jason does a terrible job of pretending he doesn’t know where she is, but doesn’t tell him that Ali was whisked away by their father in the dead of night. Later, Jason gets an invite to a birthday party for Charles with all the As conspicuously written in uppercase.

Mike asks Aria if she’s the reason Mona won’t talk him, and she swears she isn’t. Emily arranges an awkward reunion between Sarah and her friend Claire, Emily all but peeing in a big circle around Sarah and claiming ownership. Hanna doesn’t know the difference between cyborg and cyclops, but discovers that her mysterious $30,000 college scholarship was given to her by the company that shut down Radley (considering the girl’s vocabulary, it’s pretty clear the scholarship was suspect from the get-go).

Sarah decides to go stay with Claire, and Emily agrees to let her under the pretense that it will help their dating life, and then they kiss just like they said they wouldn’t (and I said they would). Mike ambushes Mona and after a halfhearted “argument” they kiss and make up.

liars meeting

The Liars track Jason’s car so they can follow him to Charles. Sounds safe and completely logical. I’m sure nothing will go wrong. Thanks to some YouTube research, Hannah and Spencer feel qualified to slice out the tracking chips. Completely legit. I hear Wikipedia is handing out bachelors degrees, too.

toby officer handsome

Spencer tells Toby the truth and he hijacks their plan, refusing to let them go and instead goes alone himself. On his way out he steals Spencer’s “happy candy” and stalks Jason with officer handsome (and probably a swiftly approaching high). The Liars do NOT do as they are told (gasp!) and they also try to stalk Jason.

Mona picks up Ali from her hotel room (Mona was the only one answering Ali’s calls after she drugged her father to keep her from leaving) and Ali swiftly reports Charles to the police.

Just as Jason is about to see Charles, Toby and officer handsome bust in and mess it all up. Toby’s high kicks in and he’s tripping balls (in an arcade full of flickering lights no less). He misses Charles (of course, it’s only episode 7 of the season, they’re gonna leave us in suspense at least another month) as more police (the ones acting on Ali’s call after finding the party invite in her house) bust in and aim scary guns at everyone.

Pretty Little Liars S6E7 - Aria

At home, Hanna tells her mom she wants to turn down the scholarship, but mama already deposited the check. Spencer apologizes to Toby about the candy (but really, he stole it without saying anything so it’s his own dang fault) and Aria gets a letter saying she’s a finalist in her photo competition. Emily pitifully hugs Sarah’s left behind pillow then smashes her tracking chip to bits. Jason is about to fall off the wagon when he and Ali hear a family video playing from another room: It’s of them with Charles, if course. Ali says she remembers that day, their mother pulled them out of school to celebrate the birthday of a boy cousin (who was clearly Charles).

Hmmm. Not my favorite episode. They’re teasing and toying with me as they always do, but I don’t feel like I’m learning or discovering anything. Do I really believe we will come face to face with “A” in two episodes? Not really. I’ve been promised such things before and was not satisfied. So I will just wait and see and toss out my hypothesis (I’ll jump on the “Sarah is A” bandwagon, cuz the conspiracy theory does make sense, but I also like the “Aria is A” theory too). While I’m sure something grand will be revealed in 2 weeks, I have sincere doubts it will be “A”, but we shall see.

Until next week…

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