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Pretty Little Liars – S6E8 – Framed

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, ‘O, Brother Where Art Thou’

The promos keep telling me we’ll come face to face with “A” any day now, but I’m not holding my breath. Okay, okay yes I am. I still hold out hope that someday PLL is going to deliver on the big “A” promises. Here’s hoping we get at least a little sliver of a glimpse tonight.

Pretty Little Liars S6E8 - Framed

Charles is named the lead suspect in the Liars kidnapping and the police suspect he had something to do with the death of Mama DiLaurentis. Ali is recovering memories of what was once a sweet big brother and having doubts that Charles is really “A.” But Hanna harshly lays the truth down and storms out.

hanna momHanna is also fighting with her mom about the scholarship money, but Mama Marin won’t let go of the dough so easily. I can’t blame her. Suspicious origin or not, that’s thirty thousand dollars. I got a scholarship once. It was, like, $600. It would take more than I would like to admit to make me voluntarily give up $30K.

Clark and Aria chat over coffee while Ezra nonchalantly eavesdrops. Later, Ezra tells Aria he’s suspicious of Clark, but Aria brushes off his concerns. Girl, you need to listen to him. You dated him for years and had no idea what he was really up to. If anyone knows suspicious men, it’s him.

Ali and Officer Handsome bond and flirt over homemade soup. It’s still inappropriate, but it really is damn cute. Spencer has the genius idea to simply close Hanna’s college account and bring the money back to the Carissimi Group. Hold on…that was an option? What’s she been haggling with her mom for then? Oh Hanna. You should keep the $30K. You need schooling, sweetheart.

Detective Tanner offers to have police officers escort Aria to the gallery for her photo contest. It really is unreasonable of her mother to have denied her in the first place. And with Rosewood PD on site, everything should be fine, right? Ha. Right. This is a surefire sign things will go very, very wrong.

aria mom photos

Rosewood High School is debating whether to allow the Liars to attend their prom. You know, considering that at every event they attend, someone dies, or gets kidnapped, or shot at, or stabbed. Can’t blame the school, really. These girls attract mayhem. So I really hope they end up being able to go.

Emily dishes about her budding relationship with Sara to Aria, and it’s really nice to see them have a “normal” moment for once. Is it bad that I prefer when they’re in trouble and causing drama?

Hanna and Spencer visit The Cassimi Group ‘s offices and meet with a young and handsome executive (Which Liar will he hook up with? My money is on Spencer.) named Rhys Matthews, who the Liars think looks like a DiLaurentis and could possibly be Charles. He dishes out absolutely zero information, which is actually pretty true to life, but in Rosewood, most everyone has some seriously loose lips. So his silence is oh-so suspicious. Plus, he’s handsome, so obviously he’s up to something.

Ali and Officer Handsome play house (literally – he offers her a spare key and she offers to wash dishes) and they continue to be ridiculously cute – until he falls asleep and Ali swipes his police ID card.. Oh, Officer Handsome. All the cute ones on PLL are either no good or useless. I should’ve known.

At the art gallery, Aria asks Ezra to prom “as friends,” but he’s there with Nicole (Emily’s Habitat for Humanity friend). What is she doing there? Shouldn’t she be in Zimbabwe or Nicaragua or somewhere laying down bricks and hammering nails? Stay away from Ezra! Okay, sorry, I had a moment there. If Ezra and Aria don’t get back together soon, I might riot.

Turns out, Clark has no one there to support him at the showing. It’s meant to be a sob story and it works on Aria, but it just spells trouble for me. He probably has nobody there because he isn’t at all who he says he is. But I have little time to dwell on that because all of Aria’s photos have been switched with photos of the Liars while they were drugged and kidnapped. Yikes! I did not see that one coming! In a really sick and twisted way, you gotta hand it to “A”/Charles. That was good.

Using her stolen key card, Ali breaks into the Rosewood PD offices, but is stopped by Tanner with nothing but a slap on the wrist. Pretty sure stealing an officer’s key card is worth more discipline than a stern word, but I suppose it really is his fault he left it out like that in front of a wily teenager. When he finds out, it’s really gonna put a kink in their relationship

Two more episodes until “A” is revealed. Hopefully.

A few of the Liars follow Rhys Matthews leaving the gallery and he’s meeting with none other than sketchy-ass Clark. I knew it. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. What’d I tell you? This man is shay-dee (pronounce it that way – it gives the word more attitude).

The Liars break the news to Aria, but she’s skeptical. Mama Marin and Mama Montgomery have a chat over tea about needing to step up and, you know, be parents. About damn time, ladies.

Detective Tanner watches the video footage from the gallery and sees a figure setting up the paintings. “A” is no amateur. Whoever is in that video is so glaringly not “A” I can’t even stand it Our favorite hooded and black-gloved figure puts six syringes in the trunk of a limo, then gets in the backseat. The driver, wearing a red trench coat, hands “A” two tickets to the Rosewood prom. Let the games begin.

One more episode, they say. One more episode until we come face to face with “A.” Is it Charles? I highly doubt it. The man was insane. And while “A” is clearly unhinged, they’re also a diabolical mastermind. Crazy people are capable of some crazy things, but it takes someone truly brilliant to do what “A” has. Do I think we’re actually going to see “A”? Not one bit. But I’ll tune in anyway, on the edge of my seat, to see if maybe, just maybe, we actually do.

Oh, and Red Coat is back. Which means that 1) “A” could still be a woman, 2) “A” is definitely not working alone, and 3) we know absolutely nothing at all. Oh, how I love and hate you PLL. Until next week…

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