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Pretty Little Liars – S7E2 – Bedlam

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, “Tick-Tock, Bitches”

This week, the Liars did more to blow up their lives than Mary Drake could.

Images: Freeform

Images: Freeform

Believing she has her daughter’s real killer (Alison), Mary allows Hanna to “talk her into” dropping her off at Spencer’s instead of the hospital or police station. Of course, Mary doesn’t want the police looking into where Hanna was held.

Being kidnapped (again) has made Hanna poutier than usual. She begins to display “that dollhouse look” and sets about distancing herself from everyone, starting with Caleb. Their kiss was just the result of emotional stress, she says. They should forget about it. Except Caleb can’t and Spencer definitely notices.


Now that Hanna is safe, Emily worries that Alison may be in danger even though she’s in the hospital. After Alison places a frantic call to Emily, the Liars decide to check on her. Elliot refuses to let them in to see Alison (of course), and since no one can find Jason, they turn to Alison’s only other living relative: Mary Drake. Emily only has a few moments with Alison before Elliot kicks them out, but it’s enough for her to see Alison is doped the hell up. While Elliot has a private word with Mary, Emily realizes they’re connected and that Mary seems to be afraid of him. That’s certainly how it appears when she calls him out for torturing Alison, but I’m not convinced. I think Mary is playing the longest con.


Hanna stops avoiding her fiancee (remember him?) long enough to plan a special date at the restaurant where they first met, but breaks down and calls off their engagement when they see the place has been shut down, because Hanna is dramatic AF.

I thought the greatest thing to happen in this episode was karma biting Spencer in the ass for dating her best friend’s ex, but I was wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Liam comes to town with some news, but Aria delivers her news first. They’re over. It’s not him; it’s her. He’s crushed, but he appreciates her honesty. Also, they’ll still work together since he’s been put on managing her book with Ezra. Welp. ProTip: Let the other person deliver their news first so you can plan accordingly.

Later, Liam sees Aria and Ezra holding hands and feels like an asshole. He takes it out on Ezra’s manuscript with harsh critiques and then heavily implies Ezra is a pedophile, which he is. He then counsels Aria that maybe, just maybe, it’s unhealthy to be working with her statutory rapist. Liam left all his damn chill at the office, but I see no lies. Aria dons tap shoes and delivers a Hamilton level number to excuse away Ezra’s gross behavior. Girl, stop.

#FreeAlison The show is boring without her.

Pretty Little Liars S7E2 = 6.6/10
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