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Pretty Little Liars – S7E3 – The Talented Mr. Rollins

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, “Bedlam”

With Mary Drake absent this episode, the Liars turn their attention and suspicions to Elliot. There’s also relationship drama, because Pretty Little Liars. 

Images: Freeform

Images: Freeform

The Liars seem to be split on whether or not Alison is truly guilty of killing Charlotte, but they all agree (some more reluctantly than others) that Alison doesn’t deserve to be tortured by her husband. They need to rescue Alison and also find proof that Elliot is shady AF.

Spencer tries to enlist Toby’s help, but he’s busy being newly engaged and his fiancee is busy being not here for Spencer’s secret missions for her man. Still, Emily goes against Spencer’s wishes and involves Toby anyway. Toby’s engagement has Spencer thinking about her life choices and she confronts Caleb on his distance and asks if anything happened between him and Hanna the night she was taken. He admits to the kiss, and Spencer walks away when he can’t answer the question of whether or not he still has feelings for Hanna. The kiss should tell her the answer is yes, but we need to drag this out for at least another 25 minutes.

Look at Emily not being here for Spencer's shit.

Look at Emily not being here for Spencer’s shit.

The Liars try going over Elliot’s head and reports their suspicions to the doctor in charge at Welby, but Elliot is a step ahead and Alison’s records show no sign of abuse. I’m guessing she got zero bruises from the fight she had with Elliot at the top of the episode when she tried to escape. The Liars next move is to break into Alison’s house. While Spencer and Hanna keep Elliot distracted, Aria takes cell phone pics of the contents of his locked I Am Up to No Good trunk. They get away with it, but Aria returns the key to the wrong spot because Aria gonna Aria.

With the heat on, Elliot decides it’s time to move Alison. Where? We might never know because thanks to a tip from Alison, the Liars follow Elliot’s car through the dark and secluded woods (This town has more dark and secluded wooded areas than should be allowed by law.), and when Alison jumps from the car, Elliot gives chase and the Liars hit him with their car.

His dead, dead eyes stare at Hanna (the driver) since his head came through the windshield. If Alison didn’t plan this, she certainly strolled up to the car looking quite satisfied with this development. Can’t say I blame her.


Other developments: Emily is officially dating the girl whose name I can never remember five seconds after Emily says it – the girl who works at the coffee shop. Hanna didn’t break up with Jordan – at least she’s still wearing the ring and swears everything is fine when Spencer asks about their relationship. Jason and Mona are still M.I.A., but we at least learn Jason is out of the country. The Liars are now aware that Elliot and Charlotte had a romantic relationship and are sure that’s why he was working with Mary Drake. Aria learns the extent of Hanna’s torturous experience when she was kidnapped.

You know, I thought knowing who the bad guys were while the Liars remained ignorant would add a fresh spin to the series, but it’s not nearly as compelling as when we were trying to figure out A’s identity. At least Alison is now out of Welby. She tends to shake things up and it’s interesting that the Liars are now once again responsible for a crime while Alison is (somewhat) free of blame.

Pretty Little Liars S7E3 = 7.7/10
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  1. I just realized Spencer is the only liar who hasn’t killed anyone.

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