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Pretty Little Liars – S7E7 – Original G’A’ngsters

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, “Wanted: Dead or Alive”


After pretending to actually give a fuck that Sara Harvey is dead (the official story is that she fell in the shower), which lasted all of three minutes, Emily spends most of the episode trying to get her mom to have a good time on her birthday. She eventually does, getting turnt with a gaggle of bridesmaids at a bachelorette party.


Toby reveals that Jenna is back in town to seek his forgiveness for trying to kiss him. Ew. I know. Gross. That might be one reason, but Spencer’s not buying it’s the only one. After Yvonne is almost killed, Spencer suggests to Toby that he and his fiancee get on the next thing smoking out of town, but she won’t tell him everything. Surprisingly, Toby takes her advice and announces he’s moving to Maine. When he tells her that the house he’s been building was originally for her, Spencer’s bottom lip quivers something fierce. For the second week in a row, Spencer cries as a man she loves walks out of her life.


Jason’s back! And he is not here for Mary’s shenanigans. He wants her gone, but I was like, “Jason, she’s the only interesting thing going on this season!” Alison feels the same and tries to convince her brother to play along and get along. He takes his suspicions to Aria, who almost immediately tells him she’s engaged. And I was like, “Whoa! Presumptuous much?” But the egg was on my face because apparently these two did have “a thing” that either took place during the five-year jump or during a prior season and I don’t remember it. The latter is highly possible considering I can’t remember Emily’s new girlfriend’s name and I just saw her last week.

(Freeform/Byron Cohen) LUCY HALE, DREW VAN ACKER

(Freeform/Byron Cohen)

During a super awkward family dinner (+ Aria, for reasons), Mary tells Jason and Alison more reasons why their mother wasn’t shit. She also lets slip that Jessica spent time in a storm cellar and the Liars decide that must be where they can find some answers. Or almost get kidnapped… again. Either or.


Hanna and Caleb work together to decipher documents found in Jenna’s hotel room. He notices she’s not rocking a rock anymore, and she eventually admits she’s single.


Ezra’s not about that big wedding life so he’s ready to elope to Tuscany. Aria is hesitant at first, but realizes he’s been waiting to make it official since she was in high school so eventually agrees. They’re just about to leave for the airport when the FBI shows up and reveals his dead ex may not be so dead after all.

Latest Revelations

  • Mary Drake had another child so that’s probably who’s stalking the Liars.
  • Allison’s mom had a file on all of the Liars, but Aria’s file is missing.
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