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ProFan Fitness: Geek-Themed Workouts

As long as there have been realms of fandom, there have been dreams and aspirations of looking like our favorite characters. I say aspirations because, admittedly, the physique of most of these characters is a little tough to pull off. Still, to look like Starlord or Nightwing, it requires commitment to a workout regimen. Not to mention the time; who has it these days? The worst of it is dieting. We barely have enough time to eat right, let alone get in regular exercise. Currently, the extent of my regular exercise is a weekly Judo class, but having spent most of my summer working at a diner didn’t help my fitness goals.

So, in the process of reestablishing my workout routines and trying to cut back on the gravy-covered dishes, I found this website: It has pages upon pages of workouts that you can do at home, with no weights or equipment needed. And the best thing? There are themed workouts based on video games, comic book characters, TV shows, movies, and anime. The themed workouts cover a wide range and are broken up into groups. Things like Cardio, Yoga, Strength Training, Upper or Lower Body. Using the filters that the site provides, and keeping to the ProFan standards of geekdom, I picked one workout for each of the realms.

For anime, I picked the Survey Corps Workout (Attack on Titan). That one was obvious, since I recapped the show. Not to mention, I got a tattoo of the Survey Corps Emblem.

Survey Corps Workout

For the gamer choice, I chose the Dragonborn. This one was also a no-brainer, considering my birth year in the Chinese Zodiac is the Dragon. That’s right; literal Dragonborn. Haha.

Dragonborn Workout

My movie workout choice was just a tad bit difficult. There’s been a slew of great movies lately coming from Marvel so I decided to go with the Star-Lord workout, and if you’re asking yourself “Who?”, it’s a Guardians of the Galaxy-themed workout.

Star-Lord Workout

For the TV choice, I went with Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’s a placeholder in lieu of an updated Avatar workout for the current run (editor’s note: here is a Legend of Korra workout from Neila Rey). It was either this or Dexter, and we all feel the same way about the ending of Dexter.

Avatar Workout

So, with these four choices, I’ll be doing these over the next month to supplement my Judo training. My starting weight is 315, and my goal is to lose at least ten pounds for this first round. If you’re looking to get back into yourself and set up your own regimen, check out

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