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Project Fandom’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Collectibles

Geeks like to collect things that represent our favorite fandoms. Here are a few we really loved this year.

Heat Miser and Snow Miser Pop Vinyl Figures

Heat Miser and Snow Miser

I saw these at comic con last year and HAD to buy them. They’re such classic characters and they’re so adorable. We put them out for display during Christmas and then keep them in our Pop Vinyl collection the rest of the year. They serve a dual purpose! – ProFan Patti

Comic Book PODS


What good is a comic book collection, if you can’t show it off? None. None good; that’s what good. My personal comic book collection grew quite a bit this year, and I wanted to find a good way to display my favorite issues. Admittedly, there are lots of places out there to find comic book frames; you can even get creative and use frames that were not specifically made to house comics. When I was trying to decide how to display my comics, I considered many options, but I ultimately settled on these PODS I found at The Collector’s Resource. I’m so pleased with these that I have been recommending them to everyone I think might have a single comic worth displaying. First, the PODS are relatively affordable, depending how much the comics you’re displaying cost; they range from $19.95 for a single comic frame, to $249.95 for a multi-comic display. That’s not bad considering the factors that really sold me: the frames are all handmade, carved from a single piece of wood (no seams), and covered with a powdercoat finish. Let me tell you, these things are sharp, and the black powdercoat really makes the comics pop. You can get them in multiple sizes, depending on whether the comic you want to display is a loose issue or graded; Golden Age, giant-sized, modern: whatever you want to frame, they probably have the frame for you, and they all have that standard design, so all of your framed comics have a uniform look on your wall. One recommendation: always get museum edition; if you’re going to display semi-expensive comics, you should really try to protect them from light damage as much as possible. – ProFan John


Doctor Who Ornaments

TARDIS Ornament

I’ve personally been neglecting the Doctor the past couple of years, but everyone at Project Fandom is pretty die hard. With Christmas coming up, what better Geek Item to feature than these ornaments? Anybody who says they don’t want these is either a liar or a cotton-headed ninny muggins. So if you’re a Who fan and a Christmas tree decorator, treat yourself to one of these officially-licensed Doctor Who collectibles. You can choose between a TARDIS, a red Dalek, or a yellow Dalek. – ProFan Patti

Mix Tape USB

Mix Tape USB

There’s been a lot of mix tapes going on lately. There’s ProFan new MusicMonday which is essentially a mix tape. If this was the 80s, we’d make a tape and just be passing it around. Guardians of the Galaxy had its mix tape, and if you haven’t seen that movie yet, you are dead to me until you do.

In search of some mix tape related items for this week, I found this USB stick. A 125MB USB stick is tucked inside a cassette tape. It won’t hold much, but it’s a cute idea. I’d like it just for the nostalgia of something that looks like a cassette. I miss cassettes. The only cassette I still own is a single of This One’s For The Children by New Kids On The Block. That shit is still holding on after more than 20 years. – ProFan Patti

You can pick it up at Fridge Door for $27.95.

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