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Project Fandom’s Throwback Thursday Podcast

Tomorrow, we begin a new podcasting journey: Project Fandom’s Throwback Thursday Podcast. Unlike our other show, Podcast Fandom, which covers current TV shows, conventions, movies, and other topics, this podcast will cover some of the best television shows no longer on the air.

We asked our Facebook fans to vote for the show we should cover first. Heroes won, but by a very narrow margin, barely beating out Friday Night Lights. Because the vote was so close, we decided to cover Heroes first and then cover Friday Night Lights. We also knew that if we included Veronica Mars in the poll, it would win. We excluded it to keep it fair to our followers who may want to hear us cover something else, but we want to get our many Marshmallows involved as well.

That’s why we decided to cover Veronica Mars at the same time that we cover Heroes. Every Thursday we’ll release two episodes, one covering each show. That’s every episode, of every season. And we’re so excited! Friday Night Lights will begin when one of the first two is done.

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You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here – just click the blue ‘View in iTunes’ button under the logo image and then click ‘subscribe’ when it opens in iTunes.

If you want to share your feedback on the episodes and have us read it on-air, you can email us at or tweet it using #PFHeroes or #HeroesReborn (for Heroes) and #PFMarshmallows (for Veronica Mars).

And if this is your first time watching either show, don’t worry: we won’t be giving any spoilers! Nina and John and have seen Heroes, but Meghan hasn’t. Nina has seen Veronica Mars, but John and Meghan haven’t. Each episode will be discussed as if there’s no idea what will happen in future episodes. We don’t want to spoil things for our listeners or each other.

We hope you take this trip down memory lane with us, or use our show as a companion guide if you’re checking out these series for the first time. As usual, iTunes reviews are really appreciated as it helps us find new listeners for our shows.

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