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Quantico – S1E11 – Inside

Previously on Quantico, ‘Quantico’

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At Quantico the Nats are given a little bit of homework before they go home for a 3-day weekend. Miranda gives them all some cold cases to work through while they are away. With Shelby being recently conned by her “sister”, Natalie’s baby daddy taking their kid to Disneyland just to be petty, Nimah being a new woman since she – literally – let her hair down, and Alex not wanting to have tough conversations with her mom, Quantico is better than home to these ladies.

After Alex makes a few buzzed calls to Caleb, she calls Ryan and hears the voice of another woman. Awkward. And Ryan why are you answering blocked numbers? Am I the only one who doesn’t answer blocked numbers?

Even though Alex, Shelby, and Natalie are feeling “nice” they want to keep the party going. Shelby was ready to pressure Natalie and Alex to drive while buzzed so they could more liquor, but Caleb arrives to take the three of them to his home for the holidays. Buzzed driving is drunk driving kiddos, don’t do it!

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Of Course You’re You

At Caleb’s, Alex runs into Ryan undercover and masquerading as a married man with his ex-wife Hannah Wyland (Eliza Coupe). She and Ryan have a conversation in a bathroom that’s full of ifs, could ofs, would ofs, and should ofs, and Alex storms out because basically the truth hurts. However, that won’t be the only truth Alex hears tonight. Hannah runs up on Alex and after telling her she is the most beautiful woman here – Yes, a blind man can see Priyanka Chorpa is the most beautiful woman on the show – Hannah breaks it down, explaining why she broke Ryan’s heart and warns Alex to let the man be before she breaks it again for a damn kiss at New Year.

Alex is distraught and guess who’s there to console her? None other than Liam. After a little bit of small talk about admitting defeat, Alex asks Liam to take her anywhere and teach her something. When Alex dropped that line my jaw dropped like Alex’s dropped when she found out Elias was dirty.


Make It All Go Away

At the ECC, Elias is terrified. He feels his life is in danger because someone tried to push him into oncoming traffic. We also find out Simon’s friend Oren was hit by a car. With a few not so gentle nudges Elias points Alex, Natalie, and Nimah into the direction of Simon being the main suspect which leads them to a hotel where the Democratic Convention is being held. When they start raiding the rooms, Alex, Nimah, Natalie, and Elias find Simon in a room with a trigger duct taped to his hand. Simon is sure he’s being framed, but as he’s going back and forth with them he begins piecing things together and figures out Elias is lying.

Simon has a hell of a poker face because he had them thinking he was ready to let that trigger go to get some damn quiet, but forced Elias to come clean. Elias says there is a bomb in the hotel, but doesn’t know where it is. After the team tries to take Elias in, he decides to jump out the window to his death instead. The team does find the bomb and after it is diffused by a trained bomb squad expert, Alex tells Simon he can let go of the trigger. Guess what? There was another freaking bomb.

Stay in your lane, Alex. Stay in your lane. Bomb diffuser isn’t in your job description, clearly. It detonated at the ECC, which is where everyone evacuated from the hotel went.


Answers and More Questions

  • The biggest reveal was the role Caleb played in setting the bomb at the ECC. What else did Caleb do to set the bombing of Grand Central in motion? Caleb doesn’t strike me as terrorist mastermind, but the group he was in as a teenager seems to be involved since Caleb was in disguise as Mr. Raymond when he went there shortly after New Years. Even though he and Shelby finally had their break up, it seems like this was planned before that since the guy who met Caleb at the ECC said they expected him a few weeks earlier. Am I reading too much into the line that Caleb’s mom threw at Shelby in present day?  She said she’d destroy Shelby for destroying her son. Could Momma Haas be down for the terrorist cause?
  • I love how Hannah didn’t answer Alex’s question whether she and Ryan were still married. Hannah ain’t got time for your insecurities, Alex. I am curious, though, about Hannah and Ryan’s stories, what caused their breakup, and how they are still working together.
  • Even though we are at the winter finale, there are a few people from the Quantico timeline we haven’t seen in present day. Namely Brandon, who seemed to become a more important trainee in the past few weeks, and Charlie. Charlie had a very interesting arc with him, Miranda, and this terrorist cell but it has lost a bit of steam –  even though there was a brief Charlie sighting this episode. I am still waiting for Charlie’s present day story and how it ties into this.
  • I’ll leave this for you to answer in the comments, but who do you think was still in the ECC when the bomb went off?

Who’s Sleeping With Who

  • The Shelby and Caleb train has come to a screeching halt. This doesn’t explain how the hell you jump from father to son, but hopefully that story will play out well since the writers have given Shelby so much this half of the season.
  • It appears that Liam and Alex are knocking on the door of the Who’s sleeping with Who category, but I am going to hold off on the hate until they walk through it.

Federal Bureau of (no) Investigation

  • If I go to my old job, I can barely get into the employee break room, so how in the world did Elias get enough clearance to ride along with the crew to find a terrorist? We’re not even going to get into how Elias was able to slip his tail. Special Agent Mr. Tail, you had one job!
  • Seriously, Alex, you couldn’t wait for the bomb team to come and take the trigger from Simon properly? Look what you did!
Quantico S1E11
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    Performances - 8/10
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    Dialogue - 7/10
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    Action - 10/10


This was one of the stronger episodes of the season. It left enough cliffhangers to keep us waiting after this long winter break. Shout out to Mr. Tate Ellington with some strong acting as he begins to separate himself from the rest of the group with his performances. Everyone pretty much plays their roles well, which definitely covers some of acting misses *cough cough* Priyanka *cough cough*. The second half of the season seems very intriguing with some new characters in the Quantico timeline and present day as well.

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