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Quantico – S1E13 – Clear

Previously on Quantico, ‘Alex’

I Was Always Better Than You

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Alex decides to look at everyone that she met from day 1 at Quantico as a potential terrorist suspect. Alex knows there’s another terrorist out there, but no else believes her. No one that is still amongst the living at least. R.I.P Natalie.

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Another episode ends with very little evidence of finding out who that terrorist is. This episode hit a lot of the same beats from earlier this season and this episode ends basically where it began. Even though the Voice forced Alex and Natalie to steal the schedules for those presidential candidates, I was floored when they actually decided to still send it. I don’t see why they wouldn’t include anyone else in this plan. Being at the FBI field office I would think someone could attempt to diffuse Natalie’s bomb. So how they were okay with potentially trading the lives of the candidates for Natalie’s life felt wrong – even though they had a worm to track the terrorist. In the end, Alex was outsmarted, the Voice got what it wanted and Natalie still died via the bomb.

Before we could mourn her, she popped up in the very next scene from her time at Quantico. Even though she is currently dead in the present, it will be good to flesh out a little more of her character. In that final scene with Alex and Ryan, I waited for Alex to tell Ryan what was going on but I guess through all of her hysteria she was ready to be committed and take all of this information with her to the grave. I don’t buy it. She has to explain to someone what happened to Natalie and she trusted Ryan enough to go home. I felt like she should have told him something about what was going on even if he turns out to have something to do with this terrorist plot.

A Bad Agent Costs Us Everything

Back at Quantico, Miranda and Liam let the classes know they will merge. The lesson for this week is about sourcing informants. After trying to profile each other they are sent out to a local bar to gain and turn an informant. Unfortunately for our NATS, the test was to see if the informant could turn the Nats and everyone failed when they either didn’t turn the informant or turned them by compromising their integrity. What is very interesting is how Drew’s motivation deals directly with Liam’s infamous Chicago case.


Who’s Sexin’ Whom?

  • Iris is plotting hard on Caleb and with him on the outs with Shelby for the time being, she is primed to pounce.
  • Brandon has gotten extremely close with Natalie, enough that he would go to Miranda on her behalf without her having to ask. Hopefully everything gets taken care of during her leave of absence.

Answers and More Questions

  • Since Alex won’t tell anyone she’s been working with the terrorist, how will Natalie’s death be explained?
  • Is it me or have we seen zero of Brandon in present day?

Federal Bureau of (No) Investigation

  • No one except Ryan noticed during the bomb drill that the most popular agent, who was recently accused of detonating a bomb, was nowhere to be found. I thought everyone knew who she was, Ryan!
  • Hannah was right to assume that Alex just said what she needed to say to get reinstated, so shouldn’t she have someone keep tabs on Alex on her first freaking day to make sure she isn’t doing anything she doesn’t have any business doing? Like, for example, hacking schedules for presidential candidates.
Quantico S1E13
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Even though the side stories at Quantico of Nimah/Raina, Brandon/Natalie, Caleb/Shelby/Iris, and Alex/Liam/Drew seem to have progressed a bit, the main story in present day is spinning its wheels. Hopefully, all of these stories will connect, but that is a lot to pull of, especially considering Caleb in present day and when he scoped out Grand Central Station in the not too long ago past, as well as Charlie and Miranda’s story. Maybe the next episode starts tying these stories together and we start getting answers.

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