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Quantico – S1E15 – Turn

Previously on Quantico, ‘Answer’

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Unfinished Business

Once this season is over we’ll realize a lot of answers to the questions we’ve had throughout the season were touched on in this episode. Miranda allows partially trained trainee, Raina, to continue investigating the terrorist cell that took Charlie. Even though Raina was able to find out that an attack by the group was imminent, she couldn’t figure out that they were going to attack Quantico. Through the crisis our team at Quantico was able to kill or arrest the terrorists except for one: Rishan.

As Raina takes Charlie home, he confesses his kidnapping was staged and that he was working with the group all along with the apparent endgame to strike a blow against the FBI. This isn’t too far of a stretch for me to believe, but Charlie feeling regretful isn’t consistent with his attitude throughout the season and even the episode. Even once they get to Miranda’s and Charlie saves them, and even though this attack wouldn’t have happened if not for the information he provided to them, Charlie is still unwilling to listen to his mother. I know he doesn’t want to go to jail, but why not just listen to Miranda who is telling you exactly why you need to get down before you’re shot by the FBI outside? It would have been nice to see Charlie finally listen and stop being so angry, but unfortunately that was not the case. Hopefully when he wakes up from surgery he will learn to trust his mother.


America’s Least Wanted

Alex is tasked with another mission from the Voice – switch Senator Hass’ meds with ones sent to Alex by the Voice. I love the character of Hannah. Every time she calls Alex out on something she dances right on the border of jerk and hitting Alex with those truth bombs, and I am here for all of it! Hannah plays proper interference with Alex by not just calling her out, but getting ready to have her fired when she is too close to the Senator. Even though Alex has made some major missteps since the Voice has been in contact with her, Alex is still resourceful as hell and she is able to get a one-on-one conversation with Senator Hass by telling her she knows where Caleb is.

This still turns out to be the wrong play because Senator Haas knows where Caleb is and just uses this time to run Alex down and tell her to her face she is finished with the bureau. Hannah arrives and Alex, feeling defeated, finally tells that Natalie is dead, what the Voice has had her doing, and what she was trying to do with the meds. Hannah promptly takes the meds as well as Alex’s badge and gun. Did Alex just get fired twice?

Hannah appears to do a little FBI work by tracking the message they were sent about Natalie’s emergency LOA and learns it’s untraceable. She tells this to Alex, believing her, and says she switched Haas’ meds. Since Hannah feels Alex is telling the truth they decide to team up to stop the next move of the Voice.

Who’s Sexin’ With Whom?

  • Welp. Ryex shippers looks like that ship has sailed since Alex dumped Ryan because she can’t focus while wanting to be with him. Which is somewhat noble, but if I see her switch her attention to Drew or anyone else I’m going to flip.

MARCIA CROSSFederal Bureau of (no) Investigation

  • Maybe it’s a conflict of interest since her son is a part of this, but Miranda, if you know that Raina is untrained why not send a trained agent to assist her or at least keep tabs on the terrorist cell? Maybe that would have saved the lives of those poor nameless Quantico guards.
  • Liam, if you’re going to go out and be a one-man army you have to be good enough to not need saving by Mr. “Petty in a Crisis’ Drew.
  • Are we going to investigate the crime scene of Natalie’s death or nah?

Answers and More Questions

  • Why is Senator Haas holding out information on where Caleb is? Anyone else find it odd that the day Senator Haas comes to Quantico is the day they are attacked? Yep. She is moving to top of my “Who is the Voice?” list with her shady self!
  • Shelby’s parents are alive! Why did they need Samar to get money out of Alex? Why and how did they fake their deaths at 9/11?
  • When do we see where Drew, Iris, and Will are in the present time? Speaking of Will, does anyone have any ideas why he’s crossing our trainees off an apparent list in his sock drawer?
Quantico S1E15
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    Performances - 7.5/10


Finally the plot seems to be moving forward with the main points both at Quantico and in the present. Even though I have no idea how Charlie got out of that situation with a gun to his temple, that was a very intense scene at Miranda’s. At least one person in the FBI doesn’t think Alex is crazy and some progress was made in identifying the Voice.

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  1. Daaaaaamn….I stopped watching but know I wanna know how it came to this .

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