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Quantico – S1E17 – Care

Previously on Quantico, ‘‘Clue’

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Why Didn’t You Send For Me

With the trainees at Quantico being sent to Canada for their task of sneaking across the border, Caleb , with Somar’s help, is able to set up a face-to-face meeting with Shelby’s parents. I feel like Alex and Caleb were pushing Shelby too hard for this life changing meeting. I wish it was more Shelby’s idea to meet them, but she eventually thanks Caleb for pushing her into the meeting, so here we are.

Shelby’s parents explain the reason they disappeared and faked their deaths was because they would have been arrested because of their technology being used in the 911 attacks. They never sent for Shelby because they didn’t want her to live a life on the run. Shelby is fine with this explanation, but living a life on the run is not cheap and her parents’ allowance has run dry so this meeting is another way to con money out of Shelby. Caleb isn’t here for this and before they destroy her by conning her again, he gives them $5 million and runs them out of Canada. If they ever make contact with her he will tell the FBI they are alive and will see them hanged for their crimes.

I’m fine with this, mostly. Caleb’s actions to help Shelby, even if she doesn’t necessarily want them, is part of his sometimes annoying character. I’m just curious to see how long he’s going to keep what he did from her.


You’ve Got To Let Me Go

The Voice tasks Alex with acquiring a CIA asset so she and Simon play Ryan into setting up a meeting with said asset, and they will try and beat him to the punch. When they intercept the asset it is none other than Wil, and he has cracked launch codes to prevent a 3rd World War.

Wil always gives more information than is needed. It’s quirky and I love it, but in this case he just glosses over how he got the codes and gives the general reason of trying to stop World War 3. You would think that since Wil has so much valuable and dangerous information they wouldn’t just give him up to the Voice without a plan, right? You would be incorrect, because all Wil has to say is, “I’ll be your Trojan horse and stop them from the inside. As soon as I can, I’ll figure out what they are doing.”

That’s it. No plan. Just, I’ll figure it out when I get there.

LENNY PLATT, PRIYANKA CHOPRAYou have tracking technology you just used on Ryan. Why not utilize that to – at the very least – keep track of where they are taking him? Not only that, but Simon is brought to the exchange point. If he is your secret partner in taking them down, why bring him there? Guess what happens? They take him too. He’ll probably be tortured to get Wil to give up the info he has, but hey, Alex did talk to Ryan earlier. Maybe he got her off her “game”. More on that nonsense in a moment.

The big reveal was that Shelby is somehow in on the Voice’s plan as she was the driver Alex handed the phone to. I feel like they are leaning us towards Shelby’s parents being behind this, but it seems a little to0 convenient, especially how the distorted voice sounds like a male and a female. So Alex is apparently out of allies again, and has a few weak leads on who the Voice is and what they are planning. I am still intrigued by what Alex will do to make something out of all this nothing.

Who’s Sleeping With Whom?

Alex just finished telling us a few weeks ago that Ryan throws her off her game. That she can’t be with him and still be effective as an FBI agent, which is the reason she’s at Quantico. There appears to be a lot of that going around because now Drew can’t focus when Alex is around. So here’s the cure: let’s sleep together. Where does that make sense? Alex is trading one boyfriend for another. By the way, how many times will Alex have a scene telling Ryan why they can’t be together? This week it was “ The Many Faces of Ryan Boothe.” Somehow I don’t think this will be the last time they have the same conversation.

Quantico S1E17
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I like the twins getting the best of Liam in this week’s mission. That skill set they have is too valuable to lose just because Miranda is temporarily out of action. The Wil and Iris scenes in the past were fun, but hopefully we’ll see more of the rest of the new trainees in the present. Now that Wil has to use his own money in the Sistemics infiltration it will be interesting to see how that plays out. I hope the writers start writing Alex more consistently. I feel like Alex sleeping with Drew was betraying the lessons she learned in dealing with Ryan. Alex isn’t doing things much differently to keep her friends safer when dealing with the Voice after what happened to Natalie.

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