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Quantico – S1E19 – Fast

Previously on Quantico, “Soon”

Do You Have any Idea How Much Danger You’re In?

At Quantico Shelby finds out that Will is MIA and the company line given is that he was jumped during his morning jog. Shelby knows this didn’t happen because she saw Caleb whipping his ass at Sistemics, but since Will is covering for Caleb, Shelby decides to investigate Sistemics for herself.

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

After donating a $500K pledge she’s allowed a meeting with Dan Berlin where she finds Caleb in disguise. He convinces her to leave and Caleb meets with Berlin. Caleb is working undercover with his Dad to bring Sistemics down and to save his friend. His glasses are recording their conversation and he is able to get enough information to have Berlin taken into custody. Clayton tells Caleb that Berlin is spilling all the tea on Sistemics to get a plea deal. In the grand scheme of things, this is good because it will cripple Sitemics. However, Caleb is sworn to secrecy about the operation and because of this, Shelby won’t talk to him anymore. His friend killed himself and the process to destroy Sistemics will take decades to finalize.

Clayton pulls Caleb out of Quantico, but not before telling Shelby his version of what happened which is that Caleb needs deprogramming from Sistemics. He gives her an offer to work for him after she leaves Quantico .

It’s One of The Hardest Decisions I’ve Had to Make

As the Nats get ready to wrap up the last 3 weeks of their training, their version of career day is here. The recently separated couple of Alex and Drew find themselves at odds when Drew continues to have tremors and Alex struggles with whether to turn him in about his condition.

This played out in a way that made Drew look like the stubborn villain who would put his own ambitions ahead of the safety of the rest of his fellow Nats. After her life was in jeopardy during an exercise because of his tremors (which had terrible blue screen effects by the way) Alex turns him in to Liam and Ryan. Instead of getting the medical clearance he was asked for, he decided to quit because he felt the doctors would permanently sideline him. Even though Alex probably made the right decision, I wish Alex and Drew’s relationship didn’t end. It would have been interesting to see if she was still romantically involved with him would she have made this decision to turn him in, especially since he has had these tremors before.

Are You Ready?

Caleb wakes up, hand cuffed to a radiator at Alex’s place per his request before he blacked out. Against Caleb’s wishes Alex goes back to work and surprisingly she runs into Shelby at the FBI HQ. Shelby is there to upgrade the FBI’s security system software. Alex thinks Shelby is still working with the Voice and she tells Miranda about Shelby’s parents still being alive. She questions her motivations for upgrading the system. Miranda stops the upgrade, which leads to Shelby and Alex being in the same interrogation room. Via Morse code, Shelby communicates that she’s on Alex’s side. They later rendezvous at Alex’s place where Alex finds out Shelby has been working with Caleb. The Voice calls Shelby to threaten her about being at the field office – If she is trying to foil the Voice’s plan, she will be killed first. Shelby is able to track the Voice’s call to a church where they find Will. Will is feeling the ill effects of creating a nuke with his bare hands and he warns Alex and Shelby that they have to find it before he falls out and dies.

Answers and More Questions

  • So Caleb and Shelby have been working together, but it is unclear if Caleb is faking this heroin addiction. When he was on the phone with Shelby to warn her that Alex was coming to the field office, it seemed he was putting on an act for Alex. Also, with what she said in the previous episode that “she fell for it,” I’m not totally convinced that he was talking to Shelby. I don’t know how much that will tie in to this nuke threat, but at this point he doesn’t have much to lose – he lost his Dad in the second bombing, he feels like a liability to his Mom during her campaign, and he’s lost Shelby’s affection to Clayton.
  • What happened to Will working on the inside to stop the Voice? It seemed to take two, maybe three, days to convince Will to build the nuke and give his life to do it. Will has not been shown to have any other people he truly cares about and even if they tortured Simon, they have a very thin connection – nowhere near as strong for Will to build something that would put so many people in danger.


Quantico S1E19
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Hopefully with Ryan and Nimah being given the green light to bring Alex in based on how she helped Natalie, they will be brought in to assist with stopping this terrorist plot. With the heartfelt and real on so many levels speech Miranda gave Alex last week, I am stunned Alex continues to go through this buddy cop of the week theme and not utilize Miranda, who was the first to believe she was innocent in the first bombing. The season is wrapping up fast and now that an endgame is known for the Voice, let’s see how Alex is able to stop the extreme situation she has helped create.

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