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Quantico – S1E21 – Right

Previously on Quantico, “Drive”

You Don’t Get to Take Away My Emotions

After Shelby screams at Caleb to stop writing her letters that are supposed to be from her parents, Shelby finds out that her mom actually wrote the last letter she received. Shelby feels betrayed and wants to set up her parents and bring them to justice, and she is ready to bend any laws to get this done, namely forging and stealing documents as well as entrapment.

Alex is able to get to Liam and Ryan, and they confront Shelby. With Caleb simultaneously threatening and warning Shelby’s mom by the time Shelby actually gets to the hotel she finds out that mama Wyatt has flown the coop. Shelby is pissed that Alex blew the chance she had to bring her parents to justice and calls her out for her hypocrisy since she killed her Dad and covered it up, but now says Shelby will regret what she wants to do. Shelby states in no uncertain terms that the mistake she will spend the rest of her life regretting will be befriending Alex. Burn.

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Make Things Right

Alex, according to Drew’s voice, is now carrying a nuke that will blow up if she tries to exit the truck or deviate from the route he is giving her. The Voice orders Alex to drive to a specific place. Luckily, Alex is able to keep him talking and keep her phone line open to Shelby as she warns the rest of the FBI.

Shelby, Ryan, and the rest of the FBI are able to locate the building the voice is coming from and it is where Simon and Drew are being held tied to each other. Yes, Drew is just another pawn to the Voice and the voice is a laptop similar to the last laptop Natalie saw before she was killed. This time the explosives are on the door so as soon as it opens it will explode.

JOHANNA BRADDY, PRIYANKA CHOPRAWith impeccable timing, Ryan and a strike team are on the way to Simon and Drew. Drew and Simon are able to break free by breaking a thumb and Drew gets Simon to take the fire escape to get out, but before Drew gets out he tries to warn Alex that the voice isn’t Drew and that Simon is on his way to her. Ryan’s team breaches the room and the trip mine goes off with Drew inside of it. Once Alex is parked she refuses to get out of the truck per The Voice’s order. Even after the WMD team searches the vehicle they find out the bomb isn’t armed and there is nothing attached to the truck to trigger the bomb. Fearful of all of her past mistakes, Alex still refuses to get out. It takes Simon pleading with Alex to finally get to exit, without the bomb going off.

Back at FBI HQ, the team celebrates their victory of recovering the nuclear bomb that was a very real bomb however they all get alerts that the bomb has been stolen. Conspicuous by her absence at this point is Miranda, because only high-ranking officials would know where the bomb was. We find Miranda investigating a home that has blueprints and CCTV footage of Alex, Ryan, Shelby, and the rest of our Nats and different angles of the FBI field office. She is interrupted when Liam shoots her in the shoulder and comes in with the bomb in his possession. When Miranda asks why he’s doing this Liam answers “to make things right.”

Federal Bureau of No Investigation

There needs to be a very good explanation of how Liam got the bomb that was just part of a potential terrorist threat in NYC.

Who’s Sleeping With Whom

Alex is not ready to give up on Ryan and once she graduates Quantico she asks him to go off the grid to get to know each other before they become co-workers. With one episode left, this could probably set up season 2 on life after Quantico and I’m sure this will continue to fill in more answers about how we get to our Ryan and Alex in the present day.

Quantico S1E19
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This penultimate episode did a pretty good job setting the table for the finale. Liam has got to reveal his master plan and what he hopes to accomplish with this bomb, as well as what got him to this point. The season has done a decent job making Liam a morally flawed character, but this still seems like a stretch to take it to this extent. It was good to see Simon, who along with Miranda, has been the strongest actor this season – even though this wasn’t his best work talking Alex out of the truck. Unfortunately, it appears they’re wrapping up his storyline in the past with the twins. I hope they don’t because the three of them have an interesting dynamic.

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