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Quantico – S1E3 – Cover

Previously on Quantico

This week on Quantico: Priyanka Chopra came out of a pool, dripping wet. I’m sorry did anything else happen?


“If you turn on your blood, you’ll never forgive yourself”

The theme this week is sticking by your family. For the recruits it means having their loyalty tested. During the flashbacks, they are forced to profile each other, which devolves into just dissing their friends. They are then tasked with voting on the three weakest links in the bunch or facing the wrath of Director Shaw, who will cut 10 recruits if they refuse.

In the present day, Alex seeks help from Asher who was apparently cut from the training program and now works for a tech firm which grants him lots of access to information  Alex needs to prove her innocence.


Unfortunately, Asher has to make her look like the bad guy to hide his involvement. Seeing Alex take someone hostage at gunpoint is the last straw for Alex’s mom, who the FBI has been trying to turn for information.

The exercise gives us some insight into everyone’s strength of character or lack thereof. Also, the cracks in Nimah and Raina’s ruse begin to show when Raina feels constrained by Nimah’s inability to keep up physically and they fear being voted out by their fellow recruits.


Who’s Sexin’ Who:

More like who’s not getting any and it’s definitely not Harper. Asher lets him know in no uncertain terms that he is not interested and the audience continues to wonder whether he’s really even gay.

Alex and Booth are getting closer. She opened up to him about her father’s death.


Answers and More Questions:

  • Apparently Asher did not make it through FBI training, but he’s still an agent and working with Deputy Director Clayton (Mark Pelligrino). So now we have two shady agents.
  • Alex’s mom tells Agent O’Connor that she wasn’t just protecting Alex but also him by hiding the truth about her husband’s death. What was O’Connor getting into with Alex’s dad?
  • Shelby transferred $1M to an online account. Last week, she was speaking a vaguely Eastern European language, this week she’s moving money. I’m calling it: Russian mafia, KGB agent.
  • This is also the second week where one of her fellow recruits “helps” her by implicating her further. Perhaps there are a few recruits working together.
  • Alex’s mom drops the bombshell that she was missing for a year while she was living in India. Just long enough for her to become a well-trained terrorist?
  • Agent Shaw has a son in jail whom she seems very afraid of and he’s getting paroled.

Federal Bureau of (No) Investigation:

  • How did everyone miss that Alex’s fingerprints were on the bomb but that the fingerprints don’t show her scar? I can’t tell if this is sloppy work on the framer’s part or the FBI’s.


Quantico S1E3
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    Plot - 8/10
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    Dialogue - 6/10
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    Action - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Performances - 7/10


This week on Quantico: Priyanka Chopra came out of a pool, dripping wet. I’m sorry did anything else happen?

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